Exploring Educational Technology Frameworks

As an educator, it is important to understand the various lenses you can use to observe and assess the use of technology to transform and enhance teaching, learning and leading. These frameworks serve as aids to campus administrators who may not understand what to look for in the classroom when technology is present.

For curriculum support staff, including teachers, each provides a different way of understanding how technology scaffolds instruction.

Here is the short list of educational frameworks that have grown popular in the Educational Technology space.

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Three Approaches

There are various approaches you can take to assess the effect of technology. One suggestion is to NOT link it to student achievement. Instead, focus on using technology as a way to enhance the effectiveness of professionals' work (e.g. teaching, leading) and productivity for both K-12 and adults. That aside, consider these three approaches to assessing technology in your school system.

1- Technology Audit

Ready to embark on a fresh initiative that affects every student and staff member? Maybe, you want to launch Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), put Chromebooks or iPads in the hands of every student at the middle school. There are several problems that will pop up, but one of the most difficult (aside from shifting attitudes, behaviors of human beings) and expensive is finding out your network isn't up to your vision.

Before you do anything, make sure your technology infrastructure is ready to go, that all your ecosystems are matched. If not, you are in for a turbulent journey.

2- Clarity Brightbytes Survey

Educational leaders can access research-driven recommendations to allocate their technology resources for maximum impact. The module helps enhance technology learning experiences and drive student achievement with insight into research-based data analysis, access to engaging role-specific reports, and actionable next steps.

3-Education Frameworks


The T3 Framework is designed to tighten up the process of integrating technology into teaching and learning by providing a clearer, more precise, and actionable framework to guide teachers and leaders in self-assessing current uses of technology, setting professional growth goals, and achieving continuously higher levels of mastery.

Non-Research-Based Framework(s)