Our Meetings

For the first 20 years of our existence the Edmonton Writers’ group met on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Capilano Branch of the Edmonton Public Library.

Then COVID came on the scene … and you know how that shook things up.

For the past two and a half years we have been regularly meeting to review and critique each others work virtually, but still on the first and third Thursday. In 2021 we added four additional meetings each year when there were five Thursdays in a month.

Our membership has always been spread out around Edmonton, surrounding municipalities, and occasionally in other cities and countries, so to make meetings easier, because people have become quite comfortable in the virtual world (and it also works very well), we will be continuing to meet on-line for our regular review and critique meetings. If you are interested in joining us see the "Joining Us" menu option.

Regular Meetings

A typical meeting has us reading from a members' work, and giving constructive feedback with regard to plot, characterization, grammar, continuity, etc. Generally the work being presented is a short story, a set of poems, a chapter or chapters of a longer work. These are uploaded and read prior to the meeting and then verbal as well as written feedback is given directly to the author during the meeting. Please note however that we do not do line-edits as this is what your editor is paid to do.

Members are scheduled to read a few months in advance, based on their participation in the previous scheduled rotation. New members who have joined within a given rotation are added to the beginning, middle or end of the new rotation based on their preference.

If you would like to attend one of these meetings refer to the “Joining Us” tab and "Contact Us" and we will give you more information.

Special Meetings

In 2022 we started a partnership with Edmonton Public Library and will be hosting special meetings during the year with guests, presenters, workshops, and more. The majority of these will likely be be held at the Capilano Branch Library which is located at 9915 67 Street NW.

These special meetings are open to all aspiring writers, pre-registration is required through EPL. The times and dates will be published on our blog, via the EPL events page, and on this site and will vary to allow all to attend. Popular topics may be offered more than once.

Workshop Topics:

Plotting Characterization

Putting the Science in Science Fiction World Building for various genres

Marketing Fantasy Writing

Writing Letters of Inquiry Self-publishing (Pros and Cons)

Traditional Publishing (Pros and Cons) Writing Exercise Nights

Discussions about contracts Finding an agent

Talks about the various genres Marketing

Making Mysteries mysterious Research Essentials for Writers

And lots more … If you have other suggestions please let us know!

Guest Speakers

We are hoping to get guest speakers from various professions as well, such as:

Police Firefighters & EMTs

Detectives Farmers, Ranchers

Pilots (Private and Commercial) Military personnel

Academics from various fields Various trades people

Other professions ... If you have other suggestions please let us know about this too!

Or if you'd like to tell about your profession, then we would love to have you.

Meetings in 2023 (MMXXIII)

January 05, 19 May 04, 18 September 07, 21

February 02, 16 June 01, 15, 29 October 05, 19

March 02, 16, 30 July 06, 20 November 02, 16, 30

April 06, 20 August 03, 17, 31 December 07, 21

Meetings in 2024 (MMXXIV)

January 04, 18 May 02, 16 September 05, 19

February 01, 15, 29 June 06, 20 October 03, 17, 31

March 07, 21 July 04, 18 November 07, 21

April 04, 18 August 01, 15, 29 December 05, 19