Joining Us

If you are interested in joining our meetings feel free to do so, but please keep in mind that while we don't have a lot of strict rules, there are some and these are the following:

  • When you first contact us you will be asked if you wish to be added to our email server which is used for general discussions. If you agree you will be typically be on-line within a day or so.

  • There are no age restrictions to our group, so if you write material that is not suitable for younger members (as would typically be determined by the majority), then you must let people know about the content prior to uploading your work to the drive.

  • After three visits (not necessarily consecutively), you are considered a member of the group and are given access to the Google Drive (which has many writing resources on it), and you will have the option of scheduling a presentation date.

  • If you are uncommunicative, we will assume that you no longer want to be a member and if we are unable to contact you, you will be removed from the email list, and drive (unless there are extenuating circumstances, and assuming you let us know about them).

  • Bad behaviour will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances either at meetings or on the email server. Attendees / abusers will be given ONE warning, and a subsequent offence will see them excluded from meetings, and immediately removed from the list server and access to the other resources will be terminated. We have been lucky over the last twenty plus years that we've only had to do this twice, but even that is too much.

  • Both visitors and members are expected to respect the privacy and integrity of the manuscripts. This includes not sharing material with others who are not part of the group (e.g., family members, work colleagues, etc.)

  • Writing is a very personal endeavour, and all presenters should expect other members to respect this.