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The Edmonton Scottish Society is a community organization for all who are interested in celebrating Scottish heritage through a variety of cultural, athletic, and social activities. Throughout the year the society hosts numerous events that feature the unique culture, songs, dance and food of Scotland and its people.   Come on out. It's a great chance to make new friends, reacquaint with old friends, or simply enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Scottish hospitality.   We are always looking for new members, so stop by one of our activities or events. Everyone is welcome!

Covid Update: the full Covid update can be read on our Covid-19 Updates page. With the easing of restrictions June 10 2021 the Edmonton Scottish Society has opened some facilities such as our Edmonton Soccer Dome.

June 9th 2021 - New Website Edmonton Scottish Society.The Edmonton Scottish Society will be launching our new website in the coming weeks. As the change over occurs some visitors to the website may be met with our new  page while others are still seeing the old. This is normal, from the time the new site is launched until all visitors see the new page may take 48 hours. 

2021 Highland Gathering announced, visit our Highland Gathering Page

As restrictions ease the Edmonton Scottish Society is moving forward with plans for the Highland Gathering August 28 2021

February 10, 2021Alberta Stage 1 Re-launch.

The lifting of some restrictions has enable the Edmonton Scottish Society and Edmonton Soccer Dome to proceed with some activities. These activities are outlined in our Stage 1 re-launch announcement found HERE and on our Covid Response page

The 2020 AGM, held on January 16, 2021 via a Virtual platform was a successful meeting. Our technical director opened the meeting 1.5 hours prior to the start time of the AGM to assist members in the new process for the AGM. The meeting itself was fluid and completed in a timeline standard to an in person meeting. Thank you to all participants for their efforts in adopting this platform, it has been a year of learning and the board is appreciative of the efforts of everyone for making this year a success. There has been 2 new additions to the board of Cherisse MacInnes and Bob Carter replacing 2 departing board members, Morag Walker and Albert Roach. The board would like to extend their appreciation to Morag and Albert for their service and commitment to the Edmonton Scottish Society, we wish them the best in days to come and they are always welcome to contribute as members of the society. 

Join Us for a Virtual Burns Night January 23 / 2021.  Video launch 11:00 a.m.
This year, Burns celebrations around the world will look a little bit different. But celebrate still, we will!

Enjoy this sneak peek of our virtual Robbie Burns night, which will be live on our social media platforms & YouTube channel at 11am, Saturday January 23rd.

Enjoy your haggis & dram(s) while listening to the Address, watching Highland Dancers, hearing the Immortal Memory, & enjoying the sounds of the Bagpipes.

Our virtual Burns Night is FREE!

No ticket purchases required.

Video run-time is about an hour, so plan your meal/evening around it, pause & play when you like, and make an at-home, safe event out of it!

Why at at 11:00 a.m.? The time at 11:00 MST will equal 6:00 p.m. in Scotland. The video will launch at 11:00 a.m. MST and will be available at anytime after that so you can enjoy the virtual Burns Night when it fits your schedule.

ESS YouTube  

Did you know the Edmonton Scottish Society has a YouTube Channel? We will be uploading our virtual  Burns Night in the coming days. Visit us and Hit subscribe to be notified when we upload content.

For those UNABLE to have a Burns Supper of their own but would still like to celebrate either while watching our Virtual Burns Night, celebrating Robert Burns in your own way or simply would like a taste of home. The Bothy is able to offer Takeout Food 

What's New

Membership has its privilege's

Individual memberships for the 2021 year will receive 1 Edmonton Scottish Society embossed whiskey glass.

Family memberships for the 2021 year will receive 2 Edmonton Scottish Society embossed whiskey glasses

Online 2021 Membership Form

The Language of The Scots

If you are not Scottish and have ever tried to hold a conversation with a Scot and found your self wondering just what the blazes was just said,,, well your not alone. We Scots have a way of saying things. Here are some common Scottish terms you may or may not know.


Don’t. As in: ‘Dinnae forget to pack an umbrella’.


Boy and girl, usually on the younger side. Often said with endearment.

Brookfield Residential Sponsors the Edmontons Soccer Dome

The Edmonton Scottish Society is proud to announce a 5 year sponsorship with Brookfield Residential Edmonton. The Soccer Dome now becomes the Edmonton Soccer Dome by Brookfield Residential

Preview of the New Scotsman Newsletter

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