At the Highland Gathering you'll see a variety of demonstrations. From the grace of Scottish Country dancing to the brutality of 14th century armed combat to the near telepathic bond between trainer and sheepdog - there is something of appeal to all ages.

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is a form of social dancing that involves three or more couples dancing in organized formations called “sets.” Scottish Country Dancing is not to be confused with Scottish Highland Dancing which is a solo form of dance.

Scottish Country dances are categorized a jigs, reels and Strathspeys according the music to which they are dances. Jigs and reels a lively dances that feature a quick tempo whereas the Strathspey is more stately with a slower tempo.

Highland dancing originated outdoors, with warriors preparing for battle, whereas country dancing developed mostly in the ballroom. With the advent of Highland Gatherings, country dancing moved outside. Now, outdoor country dancers perform at almost every Highland Gathering.

Come out to the Edmonton Highland Gathering and see Edmonton dancers perform on grass!

Knights of the Northern Realm

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

St Thomas of Strathcona and the Knights of the Northern Realm to clash in armed combat at the Edmonton Highland Gathering.

Come see the Knights of the Northern Realm re-enact 14th century armed combat using historically authentic weapons, costumes and battle tactics.

Sheep Dog Demonstrations

Sheepdogs are wonderful, intelligent animals. Come to the Highland Gathering and see Katy Playdon, one of Alberta's top trainers, run her dogs through their paces—directing them with a series of simple voice commands as they control and move a flock of sheep.

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