ECNLP 2024

The 7th Workshop on e-Commerce and NLP

May 21, 2024 @ LREC-COLING 2024 - Torino, Italy

In 2024 we will hold ECNLP 7 at LREC-COLING 2024!

NLP and IR have been closely linked to e-commerce applications since the early days of the fields. This close relationship between the two is evidenced by early publications as well as the growing number of recent publications at the intersection of the two areas.

Today, NLP and IR play a significant role in e-commerce tasks, including product search, recommender systems, product question answering, sentiment analysis, product description and review summarization, chatbots and shopping assistants, and customer review processing, among many other tasks being investigated by researchers in the field. These methods play a key part in today's online retail and shopping landscape, and continue to evolve and further enhance the customer experience.

The ECNLP workshop aims to provide a venue for the dissemination of NLP/IR research related to e-commerce and online shopping, bringing together researchers from both academia and industry.

Information about the workshop's topics of interest can be found in the Call for Papers.

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