Call For Papers

NLP and IR have been powering e-Commerce applications since the early days of the fields. Today, NLP and IR already play a significant role in e-commerce tasks, including product search, recommender systems, product question answering, machine translation (MT), sentiment analysis, product description and review summarization, and customer review processing, amongst many other tasks. With the exploding popularity of chatbots and shopping assistants – both text- and voice-based – NLP, IR, question answering, and dialogue systems research is poised to transform e-commerce once again, but requires a forum where new and unfinished ideas could be discussed. The ECNLP workshop aims to provide a venue for the dissemination of late-breaking research results and ideas related to e-commerce and online shopping, bringing together researchers from both academia and industry.

Co-located with WWW 2019, the ECNLP workshop will provide a venue for the dissemination of NLP and IR research results related to e-commerce and online shopping, bringing together researchers from both academia and industry. The workshop welcomes submission of late-breaking and preliminary research results, as well as opinion and position papers.

ECNLP invites quality research contributions in different formats:

    • Original research papers (long and short)
    • Position and opinion papers
    • Posters
    • System Demonstrations
    • Abstracts for talks, or Discussion Panel proposals

All submissions will undergo a double-blind review process, and accepted submissions will be presented at the workshop.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    • Product classification and cataloguing (including into types and hierarchies)
    • NER for products, brands, attributes, and part names
    • Search and product query auto-completion
    • Recommender systems and product suggestions
    • Machine Translation applied to e-commerce (e.g. translating product titles/reviews)
    • Voice & dialogue-based e-commerce applications; ASR for e-commerce
    • Advertising and ad prediction/forecasting models
    • Fraud and spam detection in e-commerce (e.g. in customer reviews/comments)
    • Product description and review summarization
    • Product similarity and matching of seller-provided listings to catalog products
    • Technical support request processing (user emails, chat agents, etc.)
    • E-commerce related social media processing
    • The intersection of Computer Vision and NLP (e.g. product images and text)
    • Product Question Answering
    • Shopping assistants, agents, and chat bots
    • Sentiment analysis, opinion mining, and stance detection in user-generated content
    • Relevant resources and datasets

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: Feb 1, 2019
  • Acceptance Notification: Feb 25, 2019
  • Camera-ready versions: Mar 3, 2019
  • Workshop: May 13/14, 2019

Submission Instructions

The proceedings of the workshop will be published jointly with The Web Conference 2019 proceedings.

Papers must be submitted in PDF according to the ACM format published in the ACM guidelines (, selecting the generic “sigconf” sample.

The PDF files must have all non-standard fonts embedded. Workshop papers must be self-contained and in English. Papers submitted cannot exceed six pages in length, including references and appendix.

Submissions are handled through EasyChair: