Friendly environments in the schooling sphere

eCARE project aim at fostering early detection and prevention of child abuse in the schooling sphere and creating joint actions between schools and Civil Society Organisations (CSO) aiming at generating friendly environment conditions for pupils in schools. The project aim at building pedagogical capacity at internal level for the identification and consolidation of existing competences among the schooling staff. Strengthening the competences of the teachers, of participative schooling staff and, complementarily, developing attractiveness of the school in terms of well being for the pupils and their families.

Violence among pupils is not a new issue in the schooling system globally, and the phenomenon has been existing and addressed for a long time; however, it is only in more recent years that its relevance for the development of children has been fully recognized and given attention. In addition, practitioners acknowledge that there are complex approaches to assess related needs and answers. eCARE PROJECT globally aim at contributing to children’s rights and friendly learning environment, building-up on existing initiatives, agenda, programmes or projects that are currently addressing the matter. eCARE consortium designed an innovative Capacity Building Programme by creating pre-conditions for an inclusive partnership with Civil Society Organisations (CSO).

The Interactive Training Upgrading Platform (IT-Up) is an open for all web-based learning and networking platform, which purpose is to provide learning activities and assignments, and to collect data directly from the users (practitioners and learners) in a structured form, with web-based questionnaires and data gathering and assessing tools, specifically tailored to answer the purpose of Training Courses. IT-Up is accessible to practitioners and learners engaged in training and pilot testing implementation (multiplication and accompanying measures), who will directly assess the activities as well as their own participation (self-assessment); IT-Up is also be available to the consortium to enhance the expected results through a “real-time” participative cooperation. IT-Up is designed in a way that allow a high level of transferability for other pilot training tests within the VET European network, following the recommendations and policies of European framework of competences development such as the “European Skills Panorama” and the “European Sector Skills Councils”.

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"My School is Cool" is a community of practice generated by project eCARE. It aims at exchanging and sharing ideas and practices among institutions and individuals engaged in the combat against child abuse and neglect in the schooling sphere, and at contributing to the improvement of friendly environments in schools. It constitutes a privileged place for discussions, development, and confrontation of ideas inducing the generation of knowledge and the formalisation of knowledge built by the community. Project eCARE "My School is Cool" Community of Practice (eCARE MSIC), is also a tool for the permanent diagnosis of needs and the development of innovation within the project's Sustainability Plan. eCARE MSIC will generate learning provision accuracy and alignment taking stock from user's feedback.

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The channel aim at fostering DEOR activities in a friendly environment, particularly adapted for pupils aged 12+.

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Project title "Early Child Abuse Response Enabling" (eCARE).

Contract grant 2015-1-TR01-KA201-022267