I've been gardening organically since the 1970's, and teaching gardening and nature classes for children and adults since the mid-1990's.  I enjoy sharing what I've learned from these decades of gardening and teaching, and in continuing to learn from others too. 

My indoor classes are known for photo-laden PowerPoint shows, featuring plants and planting, mulching, pruning, and other gardening tasks, as well as gardening humor! 

I also love teaching outdoors with everyone (including me) having an experiential learning experience!

As an educator, my goals are to help connect children and adults to the natural world in a deeper way, with a holistic view of the plants, insects, birds, microorganisms, and other delightful creatures that we share the earth with.  I believe that understanding the natural world also opens the door for gardening recommendations and nature science to make perfect sense, no matter what age we are.

My goals are also to provide ideas that help gardeners make their landscapes beautiful and healthy, sustainable, a benefit to their lives, and a benefit to the environment.  Also, to provide practical gardening skills that make maintenance time enjoyable and successful, and save the time and expense of trial-and-error. 

I have developed a wide variety of sustainable gardening and design classes for adults, and for kids and families, which are listed on the Available class topics & details page.  However, I am now only available for teaching opportunities in Southern Arizona.

You might also see me volunteering at one of the free classes or stewardship events hosted by the Magnuson Children's Garden Committee during a summer visit to the PNW!