In the summer of 2021, I went back into Seattle's fabulous Crackle & Pop Studio to start recording again with "my guys": John Olufs, Jed Jedzrejewski, Pete Pendras, Kurt Bloch, and of course Johnny Sangster (on multiple instruments and in the control room)  What a great time we had making music together again!

After returning home, the recording continued during fall and winter inside the Arivaca Dancehall, with Conrad Uno at the helm.  These songs feature the wonderful musicians that I've been jamming with for the past few years: Tom Lewis, Hal Buckingham, Julio Lopez, Alan Wallen, Peter Ragan, Brad Knaub, Andrew Alday, and the inimitable acoustic bass/piano genius Glen Moore. 

"The Road, Vol. II" includes 12 songs (6 with each group of musicians) plus a special bonus...  It was mixed by Johnny Sangster,  mastered by Ed Brooks, and released on 3.23.23!

My mother used to tell me that I started singing and making up songs while still a toddler in my crib.  And today, over 60 years later, singing is still something that's a vital part of each and every one of my days.  

I've performed solo with guitar, in an acapella group, and with multiple bands from new wave to R&B, country, jazz, and rock, and sung backup and lead vocals on a lot of recordings.  I love to be in the midst of friends making music of any kind, and adding my voice to the magic.

All 4 of my albums are available on your favorite online download or streaming service, or you can order a CD at 

The Road, Vol. 1 is my first solo CD, a recording of 12 of my favorite lifetime songs, from Bob Dylan to Patsy Cline to Johnny Mercer and more, accompanied by stellar guitarist John Olufs.

Recorded at Egg Studios in August 2017, engineered and produced by Conrad Uno. Released in August 2018

Hankin': a 10-song tribute to one of my biggest musical heroes, the legendary Hank Williams.  

Recorded with a full honky-tonk band!

Recorded at Egg Studios in 1996, engineered and produced by Conrad Uno.  Released in November 2018

Twisted Tango

A tribute to PNW songwriters

In the summer of 2019, some of my very favorite musicians joined me to record Twisted Tango. It features my versions of 12 songs written by great NW songwriters and bands such as Pearl Jam, Red Dress, Young Fresh Fellows, Jim Silva, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and more! 

Recorded at Crackle and Pop Studios, engineered by Johnny Sangster, Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, and co-produced by Conrad Uno, Johnny Sangster, and me. Released 2.1.21

The Crackle and Pop sessions have also featured the energy and enthusiasm of Silas the studio dog, thanks to John Olufs!

Uno in his temporary control room at the Arivaca Dancehall in fall 2021.  

As you can see below, he's now got a whole helluva lot more equipment and acoustics to work with!