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Welcome to the Google Earth Education Experts community!

Google Earth was built to inspire curious minds to explore, learn and care about our vast, fragile planet and help enable innovative solutions to some of learning’s biggest barriers. With Google Earth it's possible to teach students geospatial thinking within real-world contexts, to solve real-world problems, and encourage real-world exploration beyond classroom walls in a new way. However, technology is simply one part of a classroom toolkit. Educators are the leaders, guides, facilitators, and mentors that are transforming what’s possible in schools and how technology is integrated into modern pedagogy.

It is for this reason that Google Earth Education has formed the Google Earth Education Experts (GE3) program, who bring the benefits of Google Earth and Maps technology to schools, classrooms, and communities across the world.

The GE3 program provides a platform for educators to collaborate with one another, allowing them to pick up new creative ideas from one another, organize trainings, share resources, and to help each other best meet the needs of their students with Google Earth and Maps. The mission of the community is ultimately to empower students with social and environmental knowledge to influence and activate positive change for future generations.

Whether you’re an educator, administrator, parent, or ‘Maphead,’ to become a member of this community sign up on the Google Earth Education About Us page, join the Google Earth Education Community on Facebook, or follow us @googleearth / @earthoutreach on Twitter (and tag #EarthEdu).

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