D- UP Community BBQ

Welcome to the D-UP Community Engagement Organization Website!!!

Here you will find any updates on any upcoming events, community projects, and much more that YOU can get involved in.

E-Mail: Dup.event@yahoo.com

Contact Info: (325) 513-6217

Come Join us on April 20th at Bridwell Park from 12-4 PM, for an amazing time with family and loved ones. On April 20th, D- UP will be hosting its first community event and we are inviting you and your family. There will be games, bounce houses, music. and food. This will also be a great time to come out and spend your weekend with others that live in city. This event is completely free, and is for all ages. We do prohibit smoking and alcohol or any firearms, because this is a family event. Bridwell Park is on the corner of Harrison and Avenue C, so come out to have a fun and free time with us at 12 PM on April 20th!

How It Began...

This organization started around Thanksgiving of 2018. Around this time, there were a lot of losses that I had to deal with and these people meant a lot to me and their communities around the U.S. The first person that I lost, and that inspired me was my grandmother, Leatter Eugene. I lost her a couple months before then, but we didn't really feel the impact until we realized she was really gone. The way she cared for, not only her family, but for the people in her community was and is still unmatched to this day. Watching her cook for many people who didn't have what we had, or giving clothes, or even money and didn't discriminate who she was helping. When she left that was my first sign that I had to start something that would continue to keep that " helping" legacy going. The next two people I lost was my youth sports coach, Alan Bailey and most recently the woman who looked over me when I was younger, Mrs. Beth Rose. These two taught me what it was to be giving and loving, even when you didn't have to. Coach Alan would take anybody under his wing, and it didn't matter if you were white, black, had money or didn't have money. That's what was so similar between these two, is that it didn't your exterior didn't matter, helping somebody is the right thing to do. These three people continue to push my "drive" to help people all the time, especially in the community. D-UP is not only about me, but about the city or cities who need to be brought together instead of being pushed apart due to so many "exterior" factors.