About Us

Isaiah Eugene

Let me introduce myself I am Isaiah Eugene, currently part of the 2019 graduating class of Hirschi High school, go Huskies! I have had the opportunity to live here for the last 2 years, and during those years I have been able to interact with different groups, organization and cultures. While being involved with these groups I have seen many things tear us apart as a community. For example, race, religion, and even the areas that we live in, are all factors when it comes to community segregation. I think it's time that us as a city, come together and appreciate these things that make us different. I created this organization, to help with the many problems, the city of Wichita Falls has.

Olivia Thompson

I am Olivia Thompson, I am 16 years old. I have lived in Wichita Falls most of my life. I grew up in my grandfathers church, helping him organize events to bring the community out. Event after event I saw how we could only get a few members of each community to come out. As I grew up I wanted to do more but was often discouraged because I didn't want to fail. Now that I have teamed up with the two awesome dudes on my left and right, I hope to make this event the best and have a lasting impact on the community.

Side note: I am not related to the guy on my left.

Josh Thompson

I'm Josh Thompson, I have lived in Wichita Falls my entire life, raised by Walter and Maria, with my two brothers, Nathan and Ben. I've always wanted to help the community in many ways from participating in Eagle Scout projects to supporting local businesses. My main goal in life is to bring people together in a positive way. I believe our first event is just another step in my overall journey in life.