Meet Penny

Penny Scrogum, LMT

Many guests ask Penny, "How did you decide to go into massage therapy?". When Penny lost her job of many years after the company closed, she fought and made it into the highly competitive only local nursing program against all odds. As Penny was giving her lab partner a practice bed bath one afternoon, she finished by smoothing a little lotion onto her back. The prophetic words were spoken by Penny, "This is what I really would like to learn" and her fate was sealed. After that point, no amount of blood, sweat, tears and prayers would allow her to stay in nursing and, as you have heard, "the rest is history".

Her nursing classes really made massage school much simpler for her as much of the information was review. Penny felt as if she had been afforded a "Sabbatical" year to simply study and take long reflective walks along the Mississippi.Penny graduated from the Black Hawk Massage Program in Moline, Illinois in December 2004 and started her home business, "Penny's Paradise". She passed the newly required national certification test for massage and bodywork and received her Illinois State License. In March of 2005. As her home office is conveniently located near the heart of Macomb on Dudley Street thus the title"Dudley Street Therapist" was a good fit.

Penny feels so blessed to share her caring touch with men and women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. She has had the privilege of giving many in the area their first massage. Penny understands that people work hard for their money. She does not take lightly the fact that they have chosen her services so she gives her best to each session. Penny truly loves her new found profession and, Lord willing, hopes to stay in business for many years to come.


To protect the identity of my clients, I have not disclosed names.

"Amazing atmosphere. Penny had me relaxing as soon as I walked in the door. I left feeling wonderful"

"Penny gives the most heavenly massage. I highly recommend"

"I know you will do well. You have it in your hands and you have it in your heart"

"This was an awesome experience. I truly enjoyed my massage and I will come back. Well done Penny! Thank you!"

"I really liked the hot pack on the low back and glut massage because of my SI pain/discomfort. I love the atmosphere and aggressive work done on my scalp muscles. Thank you!!"

"God given new career for Penny"

"Wow, I really do feel like I'm in heaven" (In reference to the slogan: "You'll feel like you're in heaven at 427")

"You're the best kept secret in Macomb. You're going to be really busy"

"Excellent! The back tool you used really released some tension points. Heated towels and water bottle really add to the massage. I especially liked the face and scalp massage and lower lumber. Your intuition is developing nicely. You have a great touch. I felt balanced and whole afterwards"

"I really like the attention you give to all the details - the environment, candles, towel rubs, etc."

"Best massage I've ever had"

"Wow is this the same body I came in with"