Massage Menu

Full hour gift certificates available at Enchanted Florist/212 N Lafayette for $48- just $3.00 extra for the convenience fee.


Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy $45/full hour $60/90 min

Ashi=foot /atsu=pressure - together they symbolize foot pressure. A barefoot massage technique using compression gliding strokes for a comfortable yet deep massage. Will be incorporated with regular massage strokes. To receive Ashiatsu a client will need to meet certain health criteria. May not be available on initial visit.


For those special "Ladies in waiting" $45/full hour

NOW AVAILABLE - "Cottage"massage

The "Cottage by the Sea" -private backyard delight massage - available when temps are between 60 and 90 degrees - $45/hr. $60/90 min

Swedish or Deep Tissue $45/full hour $60/90 minutes

Most common massage people think of. Uses long, light strokes, deep kneading, friction, joint movement, trigger point release, and traction.

Reflexology $45/full hour

Using finger pressure this massage focuses on the reflex zones of the hands and feet.


Can be added to any massage for no additional charge. Requires advance notice to prepare, so this must be included when booking an appointment.

I have several new aromas to try—Enjoy!

* Sweet sage--so light and refreshing

*Walk in the woods—A woodsy blend of frankincense, fir needle and cedar—as relaxing as a walk in the woods

*Sweet Spice—Warm blend of Peppermint,Nutmeg and Cinnamon leaf oils.Therapeutic for mental fatigue and brightening for the body.

* Lavender—simple relaxing joy

*Restorative Calm--- Lavender and Geranium

*Heavenly blend-- Lavender and vanilla

*Balancing Blend---Grapefruit/Geranium/Rosemary (A favorite

*Tranquility-- Bergamot / Lavender/lemongrass and orange--: a unique scent—I would describe it as a uplifting citrusy flower

*Sinus relief/peppermint-eucalyptus-lime

*Patchouli:musky,earthy--(a personal favorite; brings fond memories)

*Lemongrass---refreshing and uplifting

Some Like It Hot

Extra precautions are necessary with these treatments to ensure your safety. May not be advisable for all guests. Twenty-four hour advance notice is required to prepare for these treatments.

Hot Stone Massage $50/full hour $65/90 minutes

Smooth, warm stones are incorporated into a massage for a relaxing warm treatment. Great during cooler months. Cool stones refresh the face and make for a pleasant contrast.

Aroma Salt Scrub Available for an additional $10 in the "Cottage by the Sea" only

Begins with body brushing, follows with your choice of scrub, and finishes with hot damp towels for a complete exfoliation of the skin. Choose from lavendar scrub or citrus salt glow.


Esalen Massage $45/full hour $60/90 minutes

Uses long seamless strokes that connect the body from head to toe.

Special Ongoing Offer: TEN one hour sessions for $380 or FIVE one hour sessions for $195

24 hour cancellation policy: I understand that emergencies do come up, but PLEASE call as soon as possible. Charges will apply for a no call.