Dangers Of Drug Addiction

The Dangers of Marijuana

With all the commotion that's going on regarding the legalization of marijuana; you may assume that it's not at all a harmful drug, or that it is not in the same league as substances such as heroin and cocaine. However, the narcotic substance is not only addictive; it can also cause severe damage to your body, as well as other harmful effects psychologically.

The danger of marijuana could easily affect those who believe that it is safe to use. And, although people have campaigning because they want this harmful substance to be decriminalised, it can indeed be lethal to those who abuse it.

The danger of using marijuana

There are many different dangers that can affect those who abuse this drug. A few of the immediate issues which can come with taking marijuana is a warped perception of time and space and a defective sense of coordination. It can also make it more difficult for the sufferer to think clearly, or to remember things. These effects are not short term either, as they can last up to four weeks after the last use of the substance.

The abuse of chronic marijuana, which is a higher-quality form of the narcotic substance, can lead to psychosis and also schizophrenia. Also, the amount of tetrahydrocannibinol (which is the intoxicating element in marijuana) used in chronic marijuana can be as much as nearly triple the amount in the usual form of the drug.

However, it's not only deadly on its own; marijuana is also commonly taken with tobacco. This fusion can be dangerous for the abuser because, when the two narcotics are combined, they can mutate within the human body. As a result, abusing marijuana can often irritate a person's lungs; which can cause them to have difficulty breathing, to cough and to produce copious amounts of phlegm - and these instances can lead to infections and a higher chance of contracting lung diseases, too.

The mental damages

Using this harmful narcotic can also affect the abuser psychologically. It can cause the addict to have temporary hallucinations, paranoia and can even cause schizophrenia in some cases, too. Other mental health damages that abuse may cause are depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Second hand smoke

Inhaling second hand smoke from marijuana can also be dangerous. It can cause as much damage to a third party as the fumes from regular cigarettes, albeit with the possibility of them feeling the effects of getting high.

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