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easter bunny

Educational games for kids. Aimed at the kids of the house (2 to 8 years):

Learning numbers, the alphabet, fruits, shapes and colors (Sounds in English and Spanish)

Enjoy the most varied games: Learn colors, count objects, create identical, scratch and discover the image, relate concepts, opposites, paint easter eggs,...

Exercising the mind: Puzzles, memory cards, math games (addition and subtraction),...

Games and collectible stickers with animal sounds.

Play the different games and get stickers as a reward. Check your album of stickers and collect them all.

Draw, paint and use the stickers to create awesome designs that you can save and share with your friends and family.

The player can choose between English or Spanish sounds (Default sounds in English).

Your children will learn and have fun. You should try it!

You can play totally free (with ads) or purchase the license PRO (single payment) and removes the announcements forever of all the games. And also get all the stickers of the game.

Default version with advertising (Top banner non-intrusive) and some games with a "Play for Free" logo that launch a single full screen advertisement or the possibility to buy the PRO version without advertising. Thanks for your support.