If you miss the classic arcades of the first computers. You should try it.

Based on the classic "PacXon", comes to Android "JellySquad".

You must fill empty space and capture enemies by building wall. As soon as you fill 75% or more empty space you will go to the next level. Beware of enemies (The magmanaixs). If enemies catch you, you will lose one life.

Select your favorite JellySquad member (Albert "Orange", Isaac "Blue", Marie "Pink" or Niko "Green").

Two game modes. Survival (one life), Arcade (Four lives).

Four difficulty modes. Easy, Medium, Hard and Nightmare.

Controls: Touch screen, Virtual GamePad, DPAD, trackball, and keys:W(up), S(down), A(left), D(right)

18 levels for each game mode and difficulty.

Eight different extras.

Compete against other players by sharing your scores.