JellySquad in zombieland

Will you be able to find the key and escape from Zombieland?

Kids were kidnapped from Jelly Village. The JellySquad is going to rescue them from Zombieland. Do you accept the challenge?

Turn around to open the coffers, find the key and escape to the door on the right. Beware of zombies and other creatures of the night.

Enjoy driving the JellySquad away from Zombieland. Take the extras to help you escape.

If you like retro games, if you miss the classic arcades of the first computers, you must try "JellySquad in Zombieland".

Three game modes Survival (one life), Arcade (4 lives) and Online (online multiplayer game up to 4 players - Coming soon).

Select your favorite JellySquad member (Albert “Orange”, Isaac “Blue”, Marie “Pink” or Niko “Green”).


Create your own game room (private or public). Share the game room with your friends or participate in one of the public game rooms. Choose your JellySquad member and get ready to collaborate and get through each of the levels towards the goal: saving the children who were kidnapped from Jelly Village.

Four difficulty modes Easy, Medium, Hard and Nightmare.

Easy: 5 rows and 5 columns.

Medium: 5 rows and 6 columns.

Difficult: 5 rows and 7 columns

Nightmare: 5 rows and 8 columns.

Controls: touch screen, DPAD, trackball and Virtual GamePads.

Support Android TV devices. You can play with your remote control.

18 levels for each game mode and difficulty. Eight different extras

Send your score and compete with other players on the Internet.