About The Founder

Joy Lough, PhD is a motivational speaker, visionary entrepreneur, author and business educator. With over 15 years of experience in business and human resources, the CEO of Joy Lough Enterprises, Dr. Joy Lough, assists entrepreneurs with startup and development of their organizations. With a commitment and desire to help individuals as well - she has started personal development seminars/lectures in resume writing, interview etiquette, leadership, communication and motivation. Joy is passionate about helping build and foster productive and prosperous members of the society.

​Dr. Joy provides and open discussion/forum for middle school and high school students addressing issues such as bullying, the importance of being true to self and importance of effective communication.

Dr. Joy is committed to education as both a teacher and student. Joy received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Guilford College with a minor in Human Resources Management. She received an Executive MBA from Colorado Technical University. She has her PhD in Organization Management from Capella University. Joy is an instructor teaching both online and on campus, a variety of business courses including but not limited to Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Introduction to Management and Operations Management.

​Dr. Joy is a self-published Author. Her first book “Tears of Joy: A Poetic Journey in the Life of Ms. Joy” gives the reader an inside look into who Joy was and is currently. The book includes life poems, love poems and other poems that most anyone can relate to at any given moment in their life. “I am Woman: The Journey Continues” gives the reader a look into the woman, mother and friend. You now have your personal invitation to experience the journey! Both books are available on Amazon.com

Her upcoming book "The Entrepreneurs Roadmap for Success" is scheduled for release in December 2017!