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A note from Joy..

I am so excited to announce that I now have 2 published books. I am Woman: The Journey Continues and Tears of Joy: A poetic Journey in the Life of Ms. Joy.

I am Woman gives the reader an inside look at the woman, the mother and friend...

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The book Tears of Joy: A poetic Journey in the Life of Ms. Joy - gives the reader an inside look into who Joy is. The book includes Life poems, Love poems, and poems that anyone can relate to at any given moment in their life. You now have your personal invitation to experience the Journey!

Click on the link to order the book. Tears of Joy

And with that I share with you... You never know what GOD has in store for you if you just keep faith and focus.

I invite you to share in the journey with me...To purchase the book click on the picture of the book below and thank you in advance for your support!

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Book Testimonials


North Carolina

Read your book my sister, too much good insight too leave it where you have it, you must re-write and make it a book of

your life experience and most important, the lessons you've learned. There's too much that you still have to tell, too many

who need to have more told. Just my humble opinion. God has not allowed you to experience the success you have to

stop your ministry with this "short" collections of poems, I see a much larger book.

Thanks for the book... I have enjoyed reading it!

Tammy Rankin

North Carolina

This book is an excellent read!!

Sonya McTillman

North Carolina

Excellent inspiration! And so fitting for this day. Connect with Joy Lough to get a copy of her book. It is awesome poetry.

Angel Barrino

North Carolina

'Tears of Joy' was a great read!! Enjoyed every page of it! Great work! Hope there are more to come!! =)

Maurica Levin

North Carolina

I Loved the book....very nice

DJ Barry Bee

New York

Thank You Anidra for the Most breath taking Book !

I truly felt your heart as I read and you touched my heart as some stories were close to my life also ! "the Book was for Me" THANK YOU ! and GOD'S BLESSINGS TO YOU & YOURS.

Minister Lula Percell

North Carolina