Joy Lough, PhD

I proudly serve as both an author and speaker, bringing my wealth of experience to diverse settings. From church organizations and colleges to women's and youth organizations, I've spoken at a range of venues. I am confident in my ability to tailor my presentation to your needs. Reach out to me, and let me bring a unique and professional perspective to your chosen topic. 

Please also note that I am an Ordained Minister and I can officiate Weddings

"I inspire and empower entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing them with the essential tools for SUCCESS." 

Dr. Joy Lough, a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned business educator, boasts over 15 years of expertise in business, management, and human resources. In her role as the CEO of Joy Lough Enterprises, Dr. Joy specializes in aiding small businesses and entrepreneurs in navigating the challenges of start-up and development. Utilizing training and workshops, she guides individuals in refining organizational goals and enhancing strategies for sustained growth. 

Workshops include the following: 

Business Startup/ Business Planning

Strategic Planning

Productivity Management

Change Management

Project Management

Motivation and More

What to Expect

Anticipated Experience
Attendees or clients can look forward to a transformative encounter characterized by inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and empowerment. The approach varies based on the specific theme or audience.

For children's events, expect a tailored engagement where I communicate in the language of the youth, fostering understanding and active participation in the sessions.

In adult venues, a dynamic interaction awaits. This could involve a structured Q&A session or active audience participation, perhaps even inviting individuals to join me on stage for an enriched experience.


Dr. Joy Lough has a unique ability to connect with audiences on a personal level, leaving them energized and ready to tackle challenges head-on.

Interactive Workshops:
Dive deeper into personal and professional development through hands-on workshops. Dr. Joy is not just a motivator but a skilled facilitator, guiding participants through thought-provoking exercises and activities designed to unlock untapped potential.

Practical Strategies:
No fluff, just actionable strategies! Attendees will gain access to a toolkit of practical approaches that can be immediately applied to enhance performance, foster resilience, and cultivate a mindset of success.

Tailored Training Programs:
Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, Dr. Joy crafts bespoke training programs tailored to the unique needs of each audience. Whether it's leadership development, team building, or personal growth, expect a customized experience that resonates with your specific goals.

Lasting Impact:
The impact of the motivational speaker extends far beyond the event itself. Attendees leave not only motivated but equipped with the tools and mindset to sustain their newfound inspiration in both their personal and professional lives.

Inclusive and Engaging Atmosphere:
Dr. Joy fosters an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are not just acknowledged but celebrated. Interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and group activities create an engaging atmosphere that encourages active participation.

Continuous Support:
The journey doesn't end with the event. Dr. Joy is committed to providing ongoing support and resources to ensure that the seeds of motivation continue to grow. This includes follow-up materials, access to exclusive content, and opportunities for continued learning.

Get ready to celebrate with empowerment, motivation, and growth from a speaker who goes beyond inspiration, making a lasting impact on individuals and organizations alike.


Dr. Joy is very professional, transparent, and believes in serving the community. I would highly recommend Joy to speak or teach because she cares about people. She does not just talk the talk but walks the walk. Recently, Dr. Joy spoke at the Willow Oaks-"Let's Get Inspired Forum" on Domestic Violence. The audience was pleased and asked her to come back in the future. She is a true example of one who is willing to stand up for those in need. She will go on to do great things! Dr. B. Michelle Lucas-Patrick Willow Oaks Neighborhood Association -President 

Dr. Lough is a very knowledgeable self starter. Joy does excellenttraining programs, explaining clearly and correctly. She answersand explains procedures in a professional mannner. Joy is an assest to any major corporation. I highly recommend Dr. Lough.  B Saunders NC Career Center

Joy Lough taught an educational workshop series titled “Land the Job” which was hosted by Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County. This series provided 17 women with clear instruction and thoughtful, well presented ideas on resume writing, mock interviews, and job search strategies. Joy is a seasoned Human Resource professional willing to educate through her passion for women in our community. She is polished and skilled in her presentation style encouraging client interaction throughout. Her workshops are lively, engaging and our client feedback has been positive. We consider Joy Lough Enterprises as a community partner helping the Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County provide services to our clients which can be life changing. Sincerely, Susan Watson Executive Director  WRCAC

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