Partners & Donors

Dream Big Ghana NGO deliver programmes related to education, sports development, health and sanitation in our eco lodge. Dream Renewables 2019 is Their first clean tech pilot project.
ISEES is a non-profit institution that provides professional, technical training, research, consultancy, and business development services in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate change, environmental conservation, natural resources
Dream Big Ghana Foundation (DBGF) aims to bring life-saving sanitation, health, educational and economic development opportunities to communities in the Volta Region of Ghana. DBGF provide us with grant funding, and strategic support.
Lady Volta Green Tech Academy (funded by Social Venture Africa) are a solar energy training school in Ho, dedicated to provided quality subsidised training to women and girls from the region. Dream Renewables work with Lady Volta to provide technical training for our studnets, and to implement project ideas in solar enegry.
NextEnergy Foundation is an international charity founded in 2016. Thier Mission is to participate proactively in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, provide clean power sources in regions where they are not yet available, and contribute to poverty alleviation. Next Energy Foundation fund Our solar energy programmes
DENG Limited has been a pioneer in bringing advanced engineering to Ghana. Almost three (3) decades and thousands of projects later, we are working harder than ever to excel in our main areas of expertise . Deng review our training sylibus and provide internships for our students after the course
"The Boris Bikes of Phone Charging" - ChargedUp has developed an innovative business model to create a network of portable phone charging power banks, benefiting both customers and venues.
UK Based DEE are set up to increase energy literacy, reduce energy demand, work for equality across the world. Their practical workshops allow people hands-on access to the energy technologies of the future.

Your company?

You could support the project through sponsorship or donating equipment. Get in touch for more information, or download our presentation to show your colleagues.
The University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) in Ghana have a burgeoning renewable energy department. The head of the renewable energy department, DR Eric Effah-Donyina is part of our advisory panel and a was a guest speaker on our 2019 programme.