The Students became the teachers

Just one month after the completion of the programme, a group of students started passing on their knowledge. On October 16th 2019, the students taught a lesson about renewable energy at a local school, coordinated under their own initiative. During this time, they carried out an energy assessment of the school, aiming to design a renewable energy system to supply the school with much-needed electricity. Dream Renewables are currently awaiting their designs and hope to assist the group in raising the necessary funding to build the system in 2020.

Creating Job Opportunities

In November 2019 we were thrilled to learn that Florence, one of the volunteer teaching assistants who helped to deliver our Dream Renewables programme, has found employment with SUKA Wind & Solar Energy Ltd (Ghana) as a solar project engineer. SUKA was one of the sponsors for Dream Renewables and met Florence when they gave a presentation to course participants at the Meet Me There Community Learning Centre.

She is undergoing an apprenticeship programme in the installation and design of Solar PV systems, including engineering design, health and safety, and electrical installation. We are so proud of Florence and look forward to having her back in 2020, to teach as a qualified solar design engineer.

In addition, we are currently supporting two participants of the programme in finding internships within the industry.

Developing The Community

One of our students, Bright Mensah, excelled in the 2019 programme. He was recently contracted by Meet Me There Lodge to conduct an energy assessment of the entire complex, which includes a library, community learning centre, bar, kitchen and guest house. This energy assessment was passed on to a local renewable energy company who have designed and quoted for a solar panel and battery system to cover all the electricity needs of the complex.

An anemometer was installed at the learning centre as part of the programme. Data from this anemometer can now be used to assess the potential for a small wind turbine, which could provide electricity for Meet Me There Lodge during cloudy days of the year.

We hope to keep Bright and other students involved in this project as it develops.