Welcome Adventurers!

This is a fan website dedicated to my personal Dungeons and Dragons campaign (Basic OD&D inspired primarily with 1st Edition influences). On this website I deposit information and resources for players of my home campaign and also resources for Referees interested in dropping the Dragonsmarch into their own home campaign. The Dragonsmarch area material was written to be compatible with Swords and Wizardry white box.

My new area of adventure is written specifically for the BlueHolmes rules by Michael Thomas. These adventures will take place in the Warholds of the Northmen in the far NW region of my grand campaign map. Specifically adventuring will unfold in the Kingdom of Ostvick and eventually into the neighboring Kingdom of Morgwyn.

All of this is fan material posted to encourage others in the pursuit of the Fantasy Roleplaying Hobby.

Where is The Dragonsmarch?

On my own campaign maps the region known as The Dragonsmarch is located in the Central and Eastern lands of the Kingdom of Daria and includes part of the lands of Western Kyrene, now under the occupation of the vile and powerful Necrogarchy of Leng. This land also includes areas of Pictland and the Whistling Death Forest, North to the frontiers of the Lost Kingdom of Mithril.

The Dragonsmarch is made up of three shires or counties, each ruled by a noble family under the control of the feeble young King Athelstan of Daria. The geography includes the troubled forests and mountainous areas to the North and a coastal area with a collection of islands to the South. In this manner it can be dropped with some ease into just about any existing or homebrew campaign of your choice.

Art and Maps

This website was originally filled with public domain artwork. Today it is filled up with the fantastic illustrations of JE Shields. All of the maps are of my own design and creation as are a limited number of the illustrations. Marcin S created the beautiful Illustration of the Trollborn for me. As time and income allows I may be able to replace and add to the quality of the illustrations of this website.

Grand Campaign Map

I created this map using the hexmapper program. This map is scaled at roughly 1 hex = 20 miles.

This map includes additions and changes which took place over the course of the campaign. For instance this map shows the world after the Nightshade war and the creation of the Bitterfrost Spellblight.

You can click on the map and save it as a .jpg file. When you load the .jpg it is saved at such a quality resolution that you can (and should) zoom in to read all of the location names and view the details.


Music is a big inspiration to me when writing, drawing or making maps. Here is a link to some of my favorite tunes to listen to while writing up adventures in The Dragonsmarch.