"With the bulk of the soldiery away at war with goblins in the north, the protection of your village and its citizens falls to you and your fellow militiamen. Today, some of your group has been tasked with investigating the disappearance of a local farmer’s geese, so barring any delays, you should be back in time for lunch. After all, what could go wrong on such a simple knight’s errand?"

Knight's Errand is an introductory adventure for the Dungeons Deep Fantasy Role-Playing Game, designed to introduce new players to the domains and denizens of Dire Aerth, use and learn character abilities, as well as to give them a taste of what higher-level characters can do. It can be played as a standalone adventure, or as the first in a 3-module series and/or a 12-module story arc. Come experience the fast-paced action of Dungeons Deep and explore the domains and denizens of Dire Aerth!

Dungeons Deep is a dynamic, modular RPG rule set that pays tribute to the original role-playing games, but also delivers an array of unique rules, races, classes, abilities, monsters, deities and more. All basic and advanced rules can be used interchangeably and are designed to be as intuitive as possible, to reduce the number of times you need to consult the rulebook. In addition to attributes, racial characteristics and traits that are unique to each character, any of the one hundred abilities from the various classes can be learned without unbalancing play, so no two characters are ever alike.

Dire Aerth, the primary campaign setting for the Dungeons Deep RPG, is a place that echoes our fantasies and nightmares through a reflection of our own past. Characters will experience people, places and situations influenced by legendary tales, in a gritty world of low-fantasy.