Game 2 Notes • Sunday, 07.03.22

I'm calling our game the "7th Lance Greyhawk Campaign" unless and until a better name develops. I've added links to this blog for a Google Calendar for game nights and a Greyhawk calendar that is custom for this campaign. Moon phases, tidal info and events are all accurate, as is the weather and the current date.

Attendees: Cameron, Elias, Ian, Jay, Jennifer, Jon, Julia, Lauren, Liam, Numan

Game 2 Recap • Seventh Lance, Assemble!

The nine members of the Seventh Lance of the Hochoch guard gathered in the brisk morning of the third of Coldeven outside of the Hochoch barracks,, as instructed. There they were met by their direct superior and lead trainer for the month prior, Sir Sargeant Wynsum, a Knight of the Watch. He explained that their first assignment is two-fold: escort a merchant caravan as far as the Dim Wood, at which point the Gran March will be responsible for the safety of the merchants, and then continue on to the village of Orlane, to investigate the rumors of unsavory elements preying on the place. He explains that these rumors have reached the Knight Commander of the Watch, Sir Hugo, who is a friend of the Lord Mayor of Orlane, from their time in the Troll Wars together. As such, the Seventh Lance is being sent to lend their assistance to this village across the border into the Gran March. The Lancers gathered some needed supplies, crossed the Realstream via the Hochoch ferry, and made contact with the caravan and its leader, Grisholme, on the far side. An hour later they were all underway and made good time on a cold, but bright day. Camp was made an hour before dusk and the merchants of the caravan provided food for all.

Godsday, Coldeven 4, 575 cy

The following morning, the weather continued to be cold but sunny and the pace steady along the caravan road that hugged a long, shallow ravine. Close to midday, the convoy happened upon a field where hundreds of pheasants had gathered. Disturbed by the commotion of the travelers, the birds began to take flight in cascading groups, but several were taken by both merchant and Lance archers for the evening meal. Camp was made in a traveler's rest, around which the caravan wagons circled.

Waterday, Coldeven 5, 575 cy

On the third day of travel, the weather continued to be quite cool and the skies overcast. A small herd of deer was spotted in the early morning and one of them was felled to add to the evening meals being shared by the group. An on-and-off drizzle began around midday, with periods of misting in between, followed by a light, steady rain until near dusk. The caravan camped near a pack of wild boar that had piled together for warmth in a shallow mud puddle. Not long after preparations for dinner began, several women and a small child quickly approached the camp from the dark, screaming and calling for aid. One of them explained that her caravan was under attack by brigands and the Lance sprang into action.

Following the woman's direction, they located two wagons a short distance ahead on the caravan road. On approach, in the wagons' lantern light, it appeared that a struggle between two men and two women was occurring. Lucien was first to arrive and called out to the combatants to explain themselves. As the men turned to face the elf and the women sat up, all four involved in this apparent deception let loose their readied crossbows, twice striking Lucien and once striking Frate, who was just appearing on the scene. Frate quickly healed Lucien while the rest of the Lance arrived and the foursome reloaded their weapons. Meanwhile, the ranger and bard, who had scrambled for elevated positions in the cottonwoods, could see that men with heavy crossbows were climbing atop the carts, while several armed men emerged from behind the wagons.

As Enid arrived on the scene, she instantly put three of the foursome into a magical slumber, while Meti and Jacobi made quick work of the heavy crossbow-men with several well-placed arrows. The dozen or so men who appeared from behind the wagons were swiftly met with heavy axe blows and fiery deaths. As the battle quickly turned against the brigands, several fled into the night, while one was taken prisoner.