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Campaign Recap

This section combines all game recaps into one campaign recap.

Game 2 • Sunday, 07.03.22 • Seventh Lance, Assemble!

Moonday, Coldeven 3, 575 cy

The nine members of the Seventh Lance of the Hochoch guard gathered in the brisk morning of the third of Coldeven outside of the Hochoch barracks, as instructed. There they were met by their direct superior and lead trainer for the month prior, Sir Sargeant Wynsum, a Knight of the Watch. He explained that their first assignment is two-fold: escort a merchant caravan as far as the Dim Wood, at which point the Gran March will be responsible for the safety of the merchants, and then continue on to the village of Orlane, to investigate the rumors of unsavory elements preying on the place. He explains that these rumors have reached the Knight Commander of the Watch, Sir Hugo, who is a friend of the Lord Mayor of Orlane, from their time in the Troll Wars together. As such, the Seventh Lance is being sent to lend their assistance to this village across the border into the Gran March. The Lancers gathered some needed supplies, crossed the Realstream via the Hochoch ferry, and made contact with the caravan and its leader, Grisholme, on the far side. An hour later they were all underway and made good time on a cold, but bright day. Camp was made an hour before dusk and the merchants of the caravan provided food for all.

Godsday, Coldeven 4, 575 cy

The following morning, the weather continued to be cold but sunny and the pace steady along the caravan road that hugged a long, shallow ravine. Close to midday, the convoy happened upon a field where hundreds of pheasants had gathered. Disturbed by the commotion of the travelers, the birds began to take flight in cascading groups, but several were taken by both merchant and Lance archers for the evening meal. Camp was made in a traveler's rest, around which the caravan wagons circled.

Waterday, Coldeven 5, 575 cy

On the third day of travel, the weather continued to be quite cool and the skies overcast. A small herd of deer was spotted in the early morning and one of them was felled to add to the evening meals being shared by the group. An on-and-off drizzle began around midday, with periods of misting in between, followed by a light, steady rain until near dusk. The caravan camped near a pack of wild boar that had piled together for warmth in a shallow mud puddle. Not long after preparations for dinner began, several women and a small child quickly approached the camp from the dark, screaming and calling for aid. One of them explained that her caravan was under attack by brigands and the Lance sprang into action.

Following the woman's direction, they located two wagons a short distance ahead on the caravan road. On approach, in the wagons' lantern light, it appeared that a struggle between two men and two women was occurring. Lucien was first to arrive and called out to the combatants to explain themselves. As the men turned to face the elf and the women sat up, all four involved in this apparent deception let loose their readied crossbows, twice striking Lucien and once striking Frate, who was just appearing on the scene. Frate quickly healed Lucian while the rest of the Lance arrived and the foursome reloaded their weapons. Meanwhile, the ranger and bard, who had scrambled for elevated positions in the cottonwoods, could see that men with heavy crossbows were climbing atop the carts, while several armed men emerged from behind the wagons.

As Enid arrived on the scene, she instantly put three of the foursome into a magical slumber, while Meti and Jacobi made quick work of the heavy crossbow-men with several well-placed arrows. The dozen or so men who appeared from behind the wagons were swiftly met with heavy axe blows and fiery deaths. As the battle quickly turned against the brigands, several fled into the night, while one was taken prisoner.

Game 3 • Sunday, 07.03.22 • Unto Orlane

Oerthday, Coldeven 6, 575 cy

The 7th Lance questioned their detained prisoner, who gave his name as Vyrus, and revealed to Enid that his group of bandits control the area, preying on travelers in and around the road to Orlane, there in the south of Heth (the Barony of Hethiye). Later, after the group had settled in for the evening, everyone was awoken by the screaming Vyrus, who scrambled to escape the camp, but was shot dead by Meti, who had been on first watch. The Ranger then informed the group of a horse and rider that he spied in the shadows of a stand of trees and further investigation discovered multiple sets of hoof prints in the oerth there. Rain came overnight, but tapered to a drizzle by morning.

Less than an hour after breaking camp the next day, the 7th Lance parted company with Grisholme's convoy, at the crossroads to the Gran March. Continuing down the caravan road, the group made it's way toward the troubled village of Orlane. Over the next several hours, the drizzle alternated from light to heavy, as they passed into the village's outlying pasture and farm lands. The chimney smoke of distant houses could be seen, but there was no signs of activity out of doors on that miserable day. Stone walls divided the plots of land, which grow smaller as they traveled east. The road continued to stay south of the creek, which had grown larger and was then swollen with rainwater. As the Lance approached Orlane proper, the path veered south of the stream, which disappeared into a copse of woods. The village streets were similarly deserted, though the glow of hearths and candles could be seen through the windows of many of the huddled buildings there. A large, stone temple could be seen, peering through the ground fog, from the other side of the village.

En route to the temple, the group were stopped in the street by the local bailiff. After questioning, the group was directed towards the Lord Mayor's manor, set at the edge of the central pond of the village, where they were warmly received. In his sitting room, the Lord laid bare his suspicions about the village storekeep, baker, smith and village hermit; and also shared stories of the recent disappearances of individuals or even entire families of Orlane, sometimes returning weeks or months later, and sometime not. All those who returned seemed to have legitimate reasons for their sudden departures, however, so the Lord Mayor is frustrated by any lack of evidence.

The group circled back to the west side of the village, to a grove of stately elms, to visit the hermit who the Lord Mayor is convinced is involved in the strange goings on of late. First encountering his pet weasel, the group found the man at his small cottage behind a copse of shrubberies and trees. The hermit eventually shared with Frate his own experiences, echoing the stories of villagers going missing and how many of those who return seem sullen or distant. His suspicions included the storekeep, the Golden Gran Inn and, perhaps, the temple to Merikka, but he seemed quite sure that the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent, where he gets some of his supplies, has been unaffected so far.

The 7th Lance was greeted at the Slumbering Serpent by the loud and friendly proprietor of the Inn, Belba, who ushered the group into the warmth of the hearths in the common room. While there, the group made conversation with the locals, including the nephew of the owners of the Golden Grain Inn, who detailed to Enid the changes that have overcome his family at the inn, as well as the strange, late-night activity there. After a stop at the local jewelers, where Meti made some inquiries of and a purchase from the aging couple who run the shop, the group moved on to the Golden Grain Inn.

The large, wooden inn, decorated with carvings of sheaves of wheat, proved to be less-inviting than the Serpent, with no fires in the hearth and a subdued atmosphere in the place. Frate made conversation with Snigrot, the inn's cook, at the bar, while Jacobiz attempted to entertain the guests with song, and Enid plied one of the patrons for more information. After these attempts with the muted crowd proved ineffective, the Lance agreed amongst themselves to stay at the Golden Grain, to learn more about the odd goings on there.

Not long after the group settled into their beds in a large, private room, Meti's wolfherder, Kana, began sensing something, eventually focusing on one of the walls of the room, which then pivoted inward, revealing a secret entrance! Three scaled, humanoid creatures rushed into the room as Meti, who was on watch, shouted the group awake and staggered one of the attackers with an arrow to the chest. Enid's sorcery then sent all three assailants into slumber and Frate finished them off, shortly before the innkeep arrived to see what the ruckus was all about. As he rushed back down the hall to gather his guards, the other patrons of the inn are starting to emerge from their rooms, to investigate...

Game 4 • Sunday, 07.31.22 • Attackers in the Walls!

Oerthday, Coldeven 6, 575 cy (cont'd)

Lucian, who had been drinking in the common room of the inn, also heard the commotion from the second floor and followed the innkeep upstairs. There he found that a man from the neighboring guest room, and his son, had stepped into the hall to see what the disturbance was. While the group briefly conversed with the pair, who gave their names as Wyllum and Wyll Jr., the innkeep scampered back downstairs after discovering the bodies of the reptilian creatures.

When Frate then began to investigate what was behind the hidden panel in his inn room, he was nearly slain by the blade of a hidden assailant. As the rest of the Seventh Lance came to his defense, he staggered back into the guest room, clinging to life. Beyond the secret panel, the group found a dimly-lit hallway where a second man, armed with a dagger, came to the defense of the half-elf's assailant, and the two groups began to clash.

Inside the Lancer's room, Frate employed divine power to heal his wounds, while Jacobiz heartened his teammates with song. Enid, hearing the returning innkeep shouting from the main hallway for all guests to return their rooms, shut the door and conveyed the instructions to the rest of the team. Seconds later, the innkeep, dagger in hand, burst the door back open and stormed in, followed by two armed and armored individuals, one of whom threw a stone into the group as she entered. The space immediately became utterly silent as Lucian squared off against the mace-wielding man and Frate sparred with the innkeep, assisted by Jacobiz. Pursued by Enid, the female antagonist backed out of the room and then invoked magicks that caused the mage to become frozen in place, unable to move.

Meanwhile, the other half of the party swarmed the pair in the back hallway and cooperatively laid them low. At the same moment, a squad of five men in leathers and wielding swords emerged from a room across from the hall and filed into the Lancers' room, lending aid to the male antagonists and dealing a deadly blow to the helpless Enid as they entered. As the mace-wielding man was slain by Lucian, Mehmed returned to the room to assist his fellows and charged through the area with his spear set to skewer the female. Narrowly avoiding the attack, the woman positioned herself behind the newly arriving men, to escape the wrath of the druid. As the rest of the group returned to the room to assist, Meti set his wolfherder to guard the back hall.

In the Wyll's room, the female attacker utilized a hidden panel identical to the one in the Lance's inn room, to access the back hall. Kana immediately pounced on her, but she was able to fight off his attack and flee down the hallway. Following the woman, Lucian hurried through the room towards the open panel, while Wyll and Wyll Jr., armed with iron fireplace pokers, observed. Having had enough of the Golden Grain Inn by then, the Wyl's quickly packed up their belongings and fled down the hall.

After dispatching the innkeep, Frate noticed, through the open panel, the female antagonist streaking down the back hall, with Kana in close pursuit. The woman attempted to make good her escape through yet another secret panel at the end of the hidden hall, but was tackled by Meti's hound, just as she got the portal open. Frate, who had joined in the chase, and Lucian quickly restrained the the woman, taking her captive.

As the battle turned, two of the leather-clad aggressors attempted to flee down the main hall, but one was slain as he turned to run, so only one of the pair managed to escape. Shortly thereafter, the magicks affecting Enid released their hold, and she was able to move freely again.

Game 5 • Saturday, 08.13.22 • Aftermath at the Golden Grain

Freeday, Coldeven 7, 575 cy

Meti and Frate continued questioning their prisoner, who maintained her stance that the characters are bandits who have been attacking travelers outside of the village. All were in agreement that they should go before the Lord Mayor to resolve the matter. When exiting the establishment, however, they found that the village Bailiff and a contingent of spear-wielding militia had gathered outside the entrance. After some questioning about the commotion at the inn, the Seventh Lance presented their priestess prisoner, who was taken into custody, while the Lancers were ordered to remain in the Inn until morning, at which point the Lord Mayor would hear their arguments.

The Seventh Lance, badly in need of rest, bedded down in the inn for the night, with Meti on watch. A short time later, the ranger heard the sound of creeping footsteps on the ground floor, below, and then on the stairway. As he maneuvered to the stairs to confront the source, a voice called out indicating that they were not a threat. Upon meeting, the two male elves gave their names as Dorian and Llywillan. After revealing their objective as a reconnaissance mission out of the Gran March to investigate the issues facing Orlane, Meti allowed them to approach and review the scene of the recent battle at the inn, including the reptilian creatures that lay dead in their room. The elves offered the cottage they had rented as a means of respite for the group, but the Lance ultimately chose to remain at the inn as ordered and justly present themselves to the Lord Mayor in the morning.

Grover and the militia arrived at the Golden Grain Inn an hour after dawn to escort the group to the Lord Mayor’s manor. As they approached, a gathering of additional militiamen could be seen there, as well as a man pointing in the Lancer’s direction shouting, “that’s them”! Meti soon recognized the man by his helmet, which he had seen in the shadows of a copse of trees after being attacked by bandits on their way to Orlane.

The group was brought to the Lord’s court, where they were heard; the Lancers arguing that they had been assaulted by the priestess and her accomplices, including “lizard men” while the priestess, named as Misha Devi, accused them of being bandits, liars and that there were no such “lizard men” involved in the altercation. In addition, the new accuser was revealed to be a nobleman of House Heth, and claimed that the Seventh Lance had assaulted his Heth Riders on the roads outside of Orlane. Despite an attempt to charm the Lord by Enid, with Frate and Jacobiz providing distractions, the Mayor remained unconvinced of their innocence and ordered everyone to immediately go to the Golden Grain to see the remains of the “lizard men” in person.

Upon arrival, the bodies of the reptilian creatures were no longer present and the Lord Mayor ordered that the Seventh Lance be imprisoned until sentencing. Grover announced that the local gaol didn’t have enough room for the entire group and so ordered that the inn’s basement be used as a makeshift cell. When asked how long it will be until sentencing, the Bailiff indicated that it would occur the following day.

The five members of the Seventh Lance were stripped of their weapons and ushered into the basement of the Golden Grain Inn, along with Meti’s canine, Kana. The group explored the rooms of that lower level, finding only a dry storage and wet storage until Kana began sniffing around at one of the walls, pacing back and forth, which prompted further search. Eventually a seam in the wall was found and a secret door revealed via a torch-sconce-lever. Beyond the hidden portal was a room with a ladder rising from floor to ceiling, as well as a stout wooden door.

Beyond the door, the Lancers found a network of unlit, roughly-excavated passages. While searching the passages the group encountered a snake at least a foot in diameter and ten feet in length, which they avoided, as well as a large statue, likely carved from ivory and set atop a large stone base, of a serpent with a human’s head.

Further exploration brought them to a den of malevolent, humanoids that crawled out of the darkness of their cave and into the torchlight, clawing and biting at the group like mad cannibals. Enid’s Sleep magic proved ineffective against these foes and, in the fracas, Kana was wounded, quickly becoming motionless. Meti was able to save her at the last moment, however, carrying the dog away before the creatures could descend upon her.

Fleeing for their lives, the group retraced their steps and put enough distance between themselves and their pursuers to allow Meti enough time to douse the passage in lamp oil and set it ablaze. This worked as planned and the creatures progress was halted, as they grunted and hissed from the far side of the flames. The Lancers took the opportunity to hustle back to the room leading into the cave complex, secure the door and ascend the ladder therein.

At the top of the ladder, a trap door in the ceiling opened to reveal an unoccupied bedroom, in which a desk with paperwork, a locked trunk and two doors was found: one leading out of the inn and the other leading into its interior. After some deliberation, the group decided to send Enid, cloaked by her newly-learned invisibility magic, to retrieve the key ring from the innkeepers body, which they presumed was still on the second floor of the inn. While making her way there, however, the elf found that the groups’ weapons had been stored in the common room of the inn, where three militiamen were seated, having drinks and conversing. The elf was able to recover all of the groups' weapons except for the spears and nearly Mehmet's scimitar, which she dropped twice, alerting the guards, but was able to conceal it invisibly at the last moment. As two of the guards rushed to check the basement, the Lancers were able to escape from the inn, bringing with them the trunk they’d found. Making their way around the back of the nearby livery, the group went undetected on their route to the cottage of their new elven friends, who soon gave them entry.

After the Lancers conveyed their most recent experiences at the inn, the elves relayed that a local farmer's son named Samel returned to the village after going missing a tenday ago and entered the temple before dawn. Turning their attention to the locked trunk that was stolen from the Golden Grain Inn, Dorian offered up an axe as a means of opening it. As Frate hacked it open, however, a gas poured from the trunk, causing the movements of everyone in the place to become slowed. Not long after, Llywillan sighted militiamen combing the village and getting closer to their cottage. By the time the militia knocked at the elves' door, however, the effects wore off enough that Dorian was able to respond to the men’s inquiries normally, sending them along their way in search of the prisoners missing from the Golden Grain Inn.

Game 6Friday, 08.26.22 • Seventh Lance of Hochoch, Fugitives From Justice!

Freeday, Coldeven 7, 575 cy (cont'd)

As Llywillan kept watch on the militia activity in the village from the cottage windows, the rest of the group discussed what was to be done next. After Dorian revealed that he and his companion had served with the Lord Mayor in the Troll Wars and that it was he who had requested their investigation, the elf offered to speak with the Lord on the Lancers’ behalf. Ultimately, however, the Lancers determined it best to take matters into their own hands and investigate the Temple of Merrika, to acquire some more evidence of the strange goings on in the village. Meti and Frate acquired a canoe from the mill that sits on the shore of Orlane's central pond and all but Lucian, who stayed with the elves to rest, used the craft to cross the water. Managing to stay out of sight of the militia, the Lancers disembarked near a quiet grove of trees, then scurried up the the embankment of the temple and entered through the open gate.

Inside the Temple of Merikka, the dwindling Seventh Lance of Hochoch found the inner chamber to be uninhabited. After scouting around a bit, the group soon found the temple’s priestess, Misha Devi, sitting on the bed in her chambers, unarmored and alone. She at once began calling for help and then, as Kana rushed in first, she supplicated to her goddess and the room was suddenly enveloped in darkness. Some of the group moved into the room in an attempt to restrain her, while others spread out down the hallway to find the sounds of approaching voices. A hidden panel in the hall of statues leading to Misha’s quarters then opened, and five men in robes, apparently priests of the temple, brought their fists and feet to bear on the Lancers.

Meti was able to follow Misha’s path into an adjacent room and then back out into the center courtyard, where he caught up to her and dealt a vicious blow with his sword. Altering the direction of her flight, the priestess then made for the front door. Concerned with the welfare of his fellow Lancers, the ranger continued straight on into the hall, to find the group in a heated battle with the robed combatants. The priests, clearly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, held their own for several minutes, and very nearly killed the wolfound Kana, with a crushing kick to the midsection. Eventually, however, the warriors of Geoff whittled the monks down to two survivors, encircled them, and began an interrogation. Displeased with the answers, the Lancers paid no heed to the priests’ pleas for mercy and the pair were put to death.

The beleaguered crew discussed their options and concluded it best to continue their investigation of the temple into the evening. The Lancers quickly found a set of stairs at the end of the north hall and followed them upward. Beyond the landing and through a door, the group discovered a chilling sight: several humanoid skeletons standing upright between the benches of a hall, like guards still clinging to their duties in death. Then the last of the day's sun slipped below the horizon, as Orlane settled into dusk.

Game 7 • Friday, 09.10.22 • Secrets of 'Merikka

Freeday, Coldeven 7, 575 cy (cont'd)

The "Mighty" Jacobiz Quinn strode into the hall to confront the evil therein and the skeletal guardians rushed to meet his advance. The undead clawed at the living with talons of bone, rending Frate unto death's door once again, before the creatures ultimately fell before the Lancers' blades. After their battle with death, the exhausted crew slept on the benches in the hall, without even bothering to post a guard. By some small miracle, the Lancers' sleep went undisturbed.

Starday, Coldeven 8, 575 cy

The characters tended their wounds and prepared spells as quickly as they were able, before delving deeper into the Temple of Merikka. Beyond the hall they found the priests' library and a sitting room, which led into what was once a storage room, but which was now clearly a torture chamber, complete with a rack and iron-maiden. On the rack was the body of the priest Abramo, guarded by a man dressed in primitive furs and leathers, holding a javelin.

As the Lancers moved into the room, secret panels in the wall opened, allowing the man's javelin-wielding friends to surround them. After brief words were spoken in languages neither group could understand, thoughtful consideration of other options were quickly ignored and the Lancers attacked. Jacobiz narrowly escaped death twice at the hands of their javelins, if not for Enid's first aid skills and Frate's divine healing.. The barbarians were eventually defeated, as the last two standing chose to flee the area, and the Lancers pressed on.

Beyond that gruesome room, the Lancers found a tight turning passageway, clearly constructed for defense of the area, which led to an unoccupied bedchamber where the group could clearly hear muffled cries for help. A search of the area revealed a desk, the top of which had been scrawled upon in a foreign tongue and installed with a switch that activated a secret door into an adjacent room.

In this next chamber was the source of the distress: a woman dressed in rags, locked in a cage, surrounded by mostly terrible stone sculptures of various animals. After releasing the prisoner and getting her some water, the woman gives her name as Cirili, the daughter of the village storekeeper, and tells of her recent plight: from being abducted from Orlane by reptilian creatures, to resisting the charm of a wicked serpent named Explicticus Defilus in the swamps of the Rushmoors, to being imprisoned by Abramo for the past few months. Cirili can tell you how to reach that den of evil, but will under no circumstances go back there herself, though she admits that she is unsure of what to do, now that her husband is one of the charmed cult members.

Game 8Sunday, 09.25.22 • Cult of Immorality

Starday, Coldeven 8, 575 cy (cont'd)

The Lancers continued their conversation with Cirili, who was able to recount many helpful details of her journey to the Rushmoors and back, and presented the idea of using the boots off of Abramo’s feet as a means for Kana to track her way to the lair of the serpent the girl described. According to her story, she and her family, including her husband the village storkeep, were brought to the Rushmoors and imprisoned in a lair beneath the marsh, before being presented before a large snake-like creature. She learned from other captives there that those who did not submit to the will of the serpent or who were judged unworthy would be slain and fed to the reptiles of the place. So, she did her best to show piety for the beast, but was singled out by its unholy priest, Abramo, to become his personal slave, back in Orlane.

As the group was discussing whether or not to investigate the village further and searching the rest of the temple of Merikka for clues, they heard someone calling out from the central chamber. They soon discovered that it was the elves Dorian and Llywillan, who had come to warn the Geoffians that a company of Grand Marchers had arrived and were on the hunt for witches. Forgoing further investigation of the village, the Lancers decided it best to leave the village and investigate the serpent of the Rushmoors.By Dorian’s direction, the group slipped out of the village while the Marchers still occupied the attention of the Lord Mayor and militia.

Using their elven friend’s two horses and two more procured from the Marchers, Frate, Meti, Mehmet and an unconscious Jacobiz rode several miles east of Orlane, until they found a low-lying field, where they hid behind a copse of trees. There they remained for the rest of the day and, under Frate’s care, Jacobiz regained consciousness. Later, the Lancers heard the sounds of an approaching group, which was soon revealed to be a contingent of armed and armored cavalry, bearing local banners of the March. The Lancers laid low while the warriors passed, continuing to rest in the field, and Frate healed Kana of her wounds that evening, before his night’s sleep.

Sunday, Coldeven 9, 575 cy

Following the directions procured from Cirili, the group continued east the following day, passing through Stonebridge and then veering south a few miles west of Guilder’s Folly, before making camp on the plains bordering the marshlands. Insects buzzed about their evening fire in the relatively warm evening.

Moonday, Coldeven 10, 575 cy

The following morning the Lancers continued south through grassy fields that sloped their way down towards misty swamplands that could be seen in the distance. Before midday, the group reached the lowlands where they had to navigate the fetid waters that pooled in every crevice. While Meti and Kana led the group on a southwesterly path, the warming rays of the sun shone through the gray clouds for the first time in many days.

A few hours after midday, the Lancers found that the path forked, with one way leading to the southeast and the other, to the southwest. After some investigation of the area, the ranger found that the east track seemed to be used by creatures in a hurry, while the west track had been used by a number of handcarts, which seemed more promising. And so, Lancers followed the path until dusk. Insects swarmed the group’s campfire that evening, closely followed by hungry, but harmless reptiles.

Godsday, Coldeven 11, 575 cy

The Lancers broke camp early and continued following the path south and west. The Rushmoors teemed with life and further into the swamp that group ventured, the warmer it became. Then, just after midday, a cave was spotted on the other side of a bog, set into a low, grassy hill. On approach, several short, lanky humanoids could be seen scampering over the hill, but by the time the Lancers found a bridge over the swamp waters to the area of the cave, they were nowhere to be found. The entryway into the cave was only about four feet in height, but deeper in it rose to five and six feet in some places. Inside could be found signs of occupancy: beds that were little more than nests, a shoddy kettle in a fire pit, a knife handle, bits of pottery, and discarded bones throughout; but nothing of value. In addition to the small footprints of the occupants, however, Meti also found human-sized tracks. Outside the cave, cart tracks continued southward and so the Lancers followed.

The pooling waters of the Rushmoors made the path difficult to follow at points and Meti, likely mistaking a hunting trail for the main path, found that the way abruptly ended at the edge of a large pond. After backtracking their way an hour or so, however, they were able to pick up the main track again where it turned east. The Lancers pressed onward for several more hours until, as the sun started to get low in the sky, they happened upon a pair of bridges, connected by a small island of land in the middle of the bayou waters. The bridges proved to be in disrepair, but passable enough. As they reached the island and began to cross the second bridge, however, a swarm of leaping fish began jumping from both sides of the bridges, biting people and horses alike. Once latched on, the fish held tight as they flapped about and it finally took a solid blow to each to finally dislodge them, once they’d reached the opposite side of the bayou waters.


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