Before we can to offer storing your data in safest DNA vault we offer some beta services.

Store your message in DNA.

Send us any text. We will code it in synthetic DNA (Goldman or Golay code). Then we will put it in a stainless steel capsule, inside a glass vial containing argon and helium. We will weld the capsule with a laser. You can store it at room temperature for centuries. We can place there e.g. all of your extracted DNA or e.g. a piece of hair. However, in this case the durability will be shorter. In a few years, we will rewrite your entire DNA into more durable, synthetic DNA.

Store your data on satellite

As above but we also launch your capsule with DNA into space. At this stage, we do not yet provide temperature control on the satellite or communication with it. However, these are options that can be implemented. Ultimately, we want to be able to place data on ships that can move further than Earth's orbit, ensuring communication with them using quantum encryption.

Our services are based on third-party solutions. From the US and EU. Hence, please be patient with the order. We strive to provide high quality services, which can be reflected in the time of their implementation. Options and prices are negotiable.