Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick PoCUS Club

We are a group of medical students from Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. Our goal is to provide accessible resources for novices who are learning to use point of care ultrasound (PoCUS)

Reference Poster Project

To download this poster for your own use in different formats, click here.

This poster was made to be used and shared!

This is the formative project of the DMNB PoCUS club. The inspiration for the project was a desire to spend more time learning with PoCUS probes in-hand. To facilitate asynchronous PoCUS learning and practice, this poster was developed to be used as a digital or material resource for novice PoCUS learners.

The QR codes on the poster all link to original instructional videos for some of the most common scans performed by learners. They are formatted specifically to be optimized for view on a smart phone.

All original resources on this website were created by the DMNB PoCUS Club with the spirit of Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) in mind. They are designed and encouraged to be shared! If you like our work and would like to pursue a more official collaboration, please contact us at dmnbpocus@gmail.com


Community Outreach

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SJRH ER Donation

Launch of Lending Library

Website launch

Club Activities

Available for DMNB Students only 

Link to our YouTube channel where original instructional videos for common PoCUS scans can be found!

A collection of unique resources and other excellent PoCUS resources that can be helpful

Student Led Peer Teaching

Keep an eye out for upcoming DMNB PoCUS Club Peer teaching throughout the year!