DJ Greg Stewart

(Formerly Mp3j - Digital - DJ)

Founded 1998

What do I love about DJing? -  I love working with my Clients to make their special day about them. In my experience, people make people dance I just add the music. I try to connect with my audience and find the right songs to create a moment and pack a dance floor. I get to share the happiest moments with new friends and their families. I cherish all of the love and memories that I share with my Clients. 

How would I describe my DJ style? - I rise to the challenge of a dance floor and find songs or make live mashups that get Grandma and the tweens to share a danceable moment. I like to lace all of the tracks together in a continuous mashup where the dancers can lose themselves and not feel jolted when the song changes. One of my favorite Clients once told me "you aren't a DJ, you are a vibe" and to this day it is the highest compliment I have ever earned.

What kind of gear do I use? - My professional equipment consists of Bose, JBL, SHURE, Sennheiser, Traktor, Rekordbox, Pioneer, Chauvet, and Odyssey cases. I maintain my equipment and clean it before shows so that I can blend in with the fanciest venue and bring battery powered back up gear. That being said, the gear is not the most interesting part of what I do.

What is my DJ origin story? - My family is very musical and play instruments, sing, and enjoy music as often as they can. I grew up listening to music from when I woke up to when I fell asleep. My obsession with music drove me to play a few musical instruments and even sing in some bands when I was in middle and high school. Sadly, I couldn't find a band of reliable people who wanted to play music of all genres as often as I did and I started to experiment with DJing. Luck would have it that I was also taking a free entrepreneurship course provided by NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) where I met my friend Tim who encouraged me to pursue my own business as a DJ. So, I took my Compaq brand full size computer and hooked that up to my RadioShack mixer and played out through my Bass guitar cabinet. Keep in mind that at the time, there really wasn't any DJ software. I played songs on my computer in Winamp and Windows Media Player through an external mixer. My patient classmates helped me gain confidence, learn skills, and grow as DJ in high school where I DJ'd the majority of our school dances and events. This led to DJing for other schools and parties. Eventually, I had enough music and experience to start DJing weddings in 2002.  At this point, the DJ bug bit me hard. From then on I barely have a weekend from May to Nov that I am not DJing at least once a weekend.