The Divine Proportion

This presentation was designed to be the culmination of a three week teaching unit in high school, college, or with adults, where students are to learn or review mathematical topics of classical constructions, the quadratic formula, symmetry, graphing, similarity, proportions, and solid geometry. If these concepts have been taught or reinforced, the presentation is an excellent final activity. The lecture can also work quite well with young adults or adults who have not had these concepts, or haven't had them in quite a while.

The presentation is presented using a computer and large video monitors or a video projection system. It has digitized pictures of many treasures in God's creation which demonstrate the divine proportion (golden ratio), symmetry, Fibonacci's numbers, trigonometric graphs, solid geometry and other mathematics concepts. In addition to digitized slides, animation and other graphics techniques are used. Students are usually surprised and refreshed to see some of the hidden precision and design in the world. This gives a boost to students who are always wondering about the practical application of mathematics to daily life. Above all, students are amazed to see the care that their God has used in creating and preserving this world.