Optimal Design

The photograph above shows an important principle of light: light always takes the path that will get it to its destination in the quickest amount of time. One of the main uses of differential calculus is to find optimal solutions. God's marvelous creation repeatedly demonstrates maximum efficiency.

Johannes Kepler said: “Nature uses as little as possible of anything.” Mathematician Pierre Maupertuis said: “Nature always operates with the greatest possible economy.” Mathematician Leonhard Euler said: “…because the shape of the whole universe is most perfect and, in fact, designed by the wisest creator, nothing in all the world will occur in which no maximum or minimum rule is somehow shining forth.” Biomimetic Engineers at the Centre for Biomimetics, University of Reading state: “Nature works for maximum achievement at minimum effort.”

This presentation observes a small sampling of this awesome efficiency in God's creation. To fully appreciate this content individuals will benefit from knowing college algebra or differential calculus.