Listen to what some have said of the series:

From a Christian University where they had 1 of the lectures several times:

"Mr. Buelow's deep personal Christian commitment burned through right from the introductory section of his lecture and persisted strongly throughout." "It was obvious that he had captured not only their attention, but also fixing in them a new interest in Christian pedagogy. Their fascination with his well prepared and fast moving program was evident; I could almost hear the wheels turning in their minds, 'Man, if he can do this with math, what could I do with my subject!'" "He has assisted us significantly in our teacher training program, touching approximately 100 of our teachers-in-training, many of whom are third worlders, so his impact will be felt in Christian education around the world."

From a Christian College where they had a lecture from the series:

"The best convocation of the year!"

From a Pastor observing a Bible Class presentation at another church:

"I couldn't get over how good your presentation was."

From students who have had both the teaching units and lectures:

"This unit was enjoyed by myself and many others. It made us think, not because we had to, but because we wanted to..." "You brought us along with your thoughts and ideas, we were captured by them."

"This unit helped me to better understand the meaning of the word almighty."

"...One of the most comprehendible examples of God's omnipotence that I have experienced."

"This makes me look at many things and notice the special way God put everything together."

"I think that it helped to strengthen my faith even more."

"It showed me how math is related to the field I'm thinking of going into." (the ministry)

If any good comes from these presentations, it is only due to the grace and gifts of God. To Him alone be the glory!


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Dr. Ronald Buelow is a professor of mathematics at Wisconsin Lutheran College and loves to share what he has found out.