About Amantai Farm

Our Farm and Farmer

Amantai Farm is run by Jorge Carmona, a Colombian immigrant (now a citizen) who works about 20-acres of land in eastern Pennsylvania. He has been selling at the Cortelyou Rd. Farmers’ Market through the Greenmarket Program for over 7 years. He grows a diverse vegetable crop, raises bees, and has laying hens. While he is not certified organic (he is in the process of getting the paperwork done to become certified), he does not spray anything on his crops.

Jorge recently partnered with his brother, Rene, when the demands of the farm increased. Rene’s family lived on Long Island for years after immigrating to the United States and before moving to Pennsylvania to help Jorge. They've been helping out with Amantai Farm for a number of seasons.

Rene and Adrianna have taken over many of the CSA responsibilies, so they are who you will likely meet during your weekly produce pickup. They are also usually at the Ditmas Park Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Jorge now focuses his time on farming activities and attending other various Farmer’s Markets throughout New York City.

The entire farm and its activities are run by Jorge and Rene. Please introduce yourself to any of the family if you see them at the CSA or Farmer’s Market. They love to meet the members and are very wonderful people to know!