Extended lab after the thesis defense of Ludivine in July 2018: Shiva (who defended in June 2017 and came for the event), Astrid, Adrien, Therence, Ludivine, Javier, Stephen (also visiting for the envent from his postdoc in Switzerland), Ganesh and Ariane.

The lab December 2017 - Ariane (postdoc), Shiva (PhD student), Astrid (research associate), Ganesh (PhD student), Therence (PhD student), Adrien (Honors student), Ludivine (PhD student)

Anil was back to visit - Almost finished with medicine at University College Dublin !

Christmas lunch 2017 @ Le passé composé

Javier's writing serum

Angry Hood

Angry Tip trifid

After Stephen's thesis defense.

Dr Stephen! October 2017

September 2016 - Farewell to co-op student Julian Gilmore at Aux Vivres.

May 2016 - Debashree cooked us indian food for Stephen's birthday.

Beautiful views of Hôtel Dieu and the mont Royal from the lab

Le passé composé December 2015

Ganesh, Debashree, Stephen, Ludivine, Therence, Javier, Astrid, Anne-Marie, Shiva

Apt. 200 April 2015

Drinks for Damien's paper: Ludivine, Tara, Damien, Ganesh, Javier, Stephen, Anne-Marie (Shiva took the picture)

Ruby Burma December 2013

showing half Charles (Sorry), Ganesh, Stephen, Ludivine, Shiva, Astrid, Anne-Marie, Debashree, Charles (another one)

The lab in December 2011

December 2011 (Stephen with partial Damien and Astrid eclipses).

August 2011 at Les 3 Brasseurs (Alex, Stephen and Tiago). We were saying good bye to summer students Paul and David

At Buddha Buddha for Christmas lunch 2010

(David, Stephen, Paul, Anil, Anne-Marie, Alexandre, Astrid, Tiago)

September 2010 - Celebrating Alex's paper at Le Nil Bleu (ethiopian food)

(Alex, Stephen, Anil, Lori, Astrid)

The big picture from the roof of the IRCM