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Tessellating Cookie Cutter Project

    • Goto the Ashlar tile design app

    • Use the Editor window to change the edge profile.

    • Try out different tessellation patterns in the "Tiling Type" Menu

    • modify Scale to get a good preview of it as part of a large and small array.

    • Things to watch out for a clay tile cutter

      • avoid tiny details

      • avoid sharp, thin parts

    • Save the Base Tile: Right Click on the single Tile Preview, "Save Image As..." and give it a distinctive name.

    • Sign in or create a login

    • Import the single Tile Preview

    • Recommended Settings

      • Size: 100mm - 125mm (4-5 inches)

      • Height: 16mm (.63 inches)

      • Thickness: 1.5mm ( thin)

    • Download your 3D file

  • Printing

    • KCAI Beals Studio Resources

    • Set Print Fill to 75%. This will make the cookie cutter solid, rather than double walled with a bit of infill.

    • Prints will take about 1 hour each, and may not be able to fit together.

    • Clean the brim off the bottom edge after printing.

  • Use

    • Get a small pile of Corn starch

    • Dip the tile cutter in Corn Starch, like you would use flour with a cookie cutter

    • Press the Cutter down uniformly. A small ware board on top does this nicely

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