Digital competence in teacher training in the Nordic countries (DICOMTEN)

DICOMTEN is a Nordic network on professional digital competence (PDC) in teacher education (TE). This is a highly timely and important topic in the context of the 21st century school. The topic is not systematically addressed within TE in the Nordic countries. The challenges are many. At the core is the question about what teachers' PDC is/should, while different definitions and frameworks exist. Teachers' PDC vary a lot, but all teachers and teacher educators possess at least some basic digital skills. Knowing where, how - and to some teachers still why - to move from there, remains a challenge. Even more so, when it comes to systematic development of PDC in TE. Furthermore, teacher educators 's lack/shortcomings in PDC are accentuated thru their work with pre-service students, the future teachers and their PDC.

The partners in DICOMTEN are TE institutes across the Nordic countries. All of them guided with national policies and having started to work with PDC, yet finding themselves in very different places with this development work. DICOMTEN will make visible and boost their efforts and activities within a lifelong learning perspective. Our edtech pilots build on informal workplace learning and learning-by-doing. Our goal is to promote practice and theory in PDC in TE, using exchange of experiences, dialogue and collaboration across the Nordics as our methods. The implementation of range of edtech pilots by the Partners will contribute to development of teacher educators' and pre-service teachers’ PDC in practice through continuing education and MS/BA training, respectively.

In TALIS (2018) by the OECD 18% of teachers reported a high need for professional development in use of ICT for teaching, the next highest after teaching children with special needs. Yet, only 56% of teachers had participated in training to this end as part of their initial education or training, so that only 43% of teachers felt well or very well prepared for this element when they began teaching.