Stamped Concrete Denver

Stamped concrete is a different process than traditional concrete. Using decorative concrete to accent traditional concrete installs can give boring concrete a completely different and more exciting look and feel.

If you have considered installing flagstone or brick pavers for your back patio, you will definitely want to consider stamped concrete as an alternative to traditional hardscape construction. Denver Concrete Inc has literally estimated and installed hundreds of commercial and residential stamped concrete patios, walkways and driveways.

If you are looking for ideas for your concrete patio, retaining wall, outdoor kitchen or other concrete project, you have found the right place! Below we have links to many different stamped concrete projects that we have completed.

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Stamped Concrete Cheaper Than Hardscapes

Although it is true that there is no alternative for the real thing, many hardscapes are much more expensive than stamped concrete. Stamped Concrete offers a very similar look and feel for 1/3 of the cost in most cases.

We cannot argue that stamped concrete is the same look and feel of organic material. After all Stamped Concrete is a hand made product and is created by men. Nothing can really replace the look and feel of raw organic material that is millions of years in the making. However, a flagstone stamped concrete patio is roughly one third the cost of a natural flagstone patio. Additionally, stamped concrete offers lower maintenance and can definitely out last a hardscaped patio, walkway or driveway.

[BELOW] A customer had the landing from the back entry matched to the patio that they had installed. This is a dark "desert tan" with a "charcoal" release. This pattern is a skin stamp with release cuts at 45 degrees to the house.
[ABOVE] Slate colored concrete stamped in flagstone pattern. Installed and finished 2019 by Denver Concrete Inc.

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Stamped concrete patio Red Rocks Country Club
[ABOVE] Stamped concrete patio installed by Denver Concrete Inc. Poured 2016, picture taken 2019.

Click below to see this stamped concrete patio project from start to finish

This stamped concrete project by Denver Concrete Inc was completed about 4 years ago. This blog post documents the start of the project through resealing the patio only six months ago.

Pictured above is the final picture of the stamped concrete patio project documented to the left (Stamped Concrete Project Highlands Ranch). This customer had a composite deck installed before, they hired Denver Concrete Inc. to tear out the existing deck and to replace it with a stamped concrete patio. The new patio included gas lines for heating and outdoor grill.

The stamp pattern is a skin stamp with release cuts made at 45 degrees to the back of the home. The color is slate with dark charcoal release.

Click on the image or article to the left and learn more about this details of this project.

Stamped Concrete is Less Maintenance

Stamped concrete patios and driveways are relatively cheap and easy to maintain compared to other materials. Asphalt is going to need to be resealed every year or two, wood decking is going to need to be stripped and sanded every couple of years. Stamped concrete does require maintenance if you want to maintain the look and feel of the patio it is recommended to rejuvenate your stamped concrete every year or so.

The process for rejuvenating your stamped concrete varies depending on how regularly it has been maintained. You can read more about stamped concrete maintenance by click here.