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"fixing ugly every day"

Denver Concrete Inc is a locally owned and operated concrete contractor.

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Cade Lee, concrete estimator and "concrete expert" at Denver Concrete Inc. Cade is one of the lead contributors to our blogs and you will more than likely see him out in the field at your project.

Denver Concrete Inc Hours of Operation

Denver Concrete Inc

Denver Concrete Inc focuses most around flat work concrete services, including concrete removal, concrete installation which includes stamped and decorative concrete as well. We have defined our services here on this site. If you would like more information on any of our services, please call us or contact us through our website.

We genuinely look forward to helping you with your concrete project.

A different kind of concrete contractor in Denver

Denver Concrete Inc takes a little different approach than most concrete contractors. At least that is what customers explain to us. Our customers have explained that our team of concrete experts communicate very clearly and deliver as expected. This is a common answer when we do ask our customers why they chose Denver Concrete Inc.

After all, just search "denver concrete contractor" on Google and there are over 15,600,000 results! That is a lot of information and definitely a great deal of concrete contractors vying for your business.

We know how important your project is, we have homes and families ourselves. It means so much to our team, genuinely that we get to work on the projects that we do.

Our name actually means something...

We know just how small Denver really is. That means that every project we commit to is so very dependent on the other. Everything from the estimate to the warranty work is a huge priority for us. Without your business, reviews and referrals, Denver Concrete Inc would not even be in business. We know and understand just how important are customers are.

Experienced Team

Our team of concrete experts work on each project together. You will be working with your estimator throughout the project; however, from the beginning there are several reviews from the initial estimate, to the scope of work to be completed.


We listen! For many years, before Denver Concrete Inc was ever started, when our principals were at different concrete companies or working entirely different trades... there was always one thing that customers seemed to have an issue with. That is communication.

From the beginning of your project to the end you will see a significant difference in the way a project is handled at Denver Concrete Inc as compared to working with other contractors. We are firm believers in doing the job right the first time.

Concrete Services

If you haven't visited our concrete services page, please make sure to do so here. Below is a list of services, if you do not see the service you are interested in learning more about, please call us and talk with one of our concrete experts.

While we strive to continue updating our website with all of our services and projects, we are definitely behind.

  • concrete removal
  • concrete driveway installation and removal
  • city sidewalk replacement and repair
  • stamped concrete (patios, driveways, walkways)
  • concrete resurfacing
  • basement floor tear out and installation
  • garage floors
  • foundations
  • concrete sealing
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12 Month Warranty on Our Projects

At Denver Concrete Inc, we are so confident in our work that we know we can offer a 12 month warranty to our customers. After all, we do not want one of our projects going awry without having a chance to do something about it! We take a huge amount of pride in our work and definitely in our customer service.

Our projects and the success of those projects is paramount to our success. There have been some instances that we have warrantied work past 12 months just because it was the right thing to do. We always want to have a good experience with our customers and that can only come by empathy.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have been reading our site, you probably understand by now just how important our customers are to us. From the beginning, we knew that if we focused on customers and making sure that they were absolutely, undoubtedly satisfied with our work, we would have return customers, referrals from those customers and a definite must is good reviews. We have all of those at Denver Concrete Inc.

Our team of concrete experts will go that extra mile to make certain that we complete the project and leave the site cleaner than we found it to begin with. Extra care is taken in each one of our projects to make certain that we have created checklists and double checked those lists.

If you should ever have an issue with our staff or any one of our projects, please call and speak with our team or fill out our complaint form here. You can read more about our Satifaction Guarantee on our site.

We are more than 100% committed to providing our customers with not only outstanding service, but the most beautifully finished concrete as well.