Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing or a "concrete overlay" uses the existing concrete and a new layer or surface is created. Read below for more information on the entire process as well as what you can expect to pay for the service.

Denver Concrete Resurfacing

As a property owner you more than likely have concrete installed outside of your home or building. Concrete walkways, driveways, patios, concrete curbing and gutter are common all throughout Denver. Because of it's clean look, easy maintenance and relatively low cost, concrete is the perfect material for the majority of these applications. With Colorado's more extreme weather during winter and the volatile temperature swings, concrete has proven to be the most durable and reliable material.

The problem is... after many seasons of these extreme winters and hot summers, concrete starts spalling and cracking. With expansive soils that are common throughout the Denver Metro Area, there can be major heaving and cracking. In most cases, homeowners are presented with one solution of tearing out and replacing the existing concrete. However, concrete resurfacing can be a consideration if the underlying concrete is in good condition.

Concrete resurfacing in Denver can be about half the cost of new concrete. Not only is concrete resurfacing or concrete overlay services more affordable than new concrete, if installed correctly, a concrete overlay can be even more durable than the original concrete surface.

[ABOVE] A concrete driveway resurface completed by Denver Concrete Inc. Below is a video of the completed project and the process that was completed in order to do this project.
In the same project as pictured in the Before and After picture above is the front walkway and stoop that was also resurfaced. Below is the before picture of the front walkway before the concrete overlay was applied.
Above is the completed front walkway after Denver Concrete Inc had treated the original concrete and then installed the overlay.

Denver Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

In the video to the left, we document a driveway that had been resurfaced previously by a different concrete contractor in Denver. Denver Concrete was hired to resurface the driveway and give a more professional finish than what had been done previously.

You can read about the project in it's entirety on our blog post here. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for updates on projects, do it yourself concrete projects as well as specials that Denver Concrete Inc runs from time to time.


While concrete resurfacing is not a "fix-all" solution for every piece of broken concrete in Denver, it is a more affordable solution if it can be used. Conditions that are not acceptable for an overlay would be major concrete heaving as seen in the image to the right. In many cases the concrete has lifted or dropped so much that even grinding the concrete would not fix the solution. There are several instances where tearing out the existing concrete and replacing it is the only recommendation from our concrete experts.

However, when the underlying concrete is in decent condition, concrete resurfacing can be half of the cost of tearing out existing concrete and replacing it. In the case of Denver Concrete Inc concrete resurfacing services, there is not an extended warranty. This is one of the drawbacks to the service. Although we have many satisfied customers with our overlay services, we cannot guarantee or warranty what will happen with the underlying concrete. We do have a limited warranty that covers cracking and other issues that might arise with a concrete overlay. It is limited to three months.

ABOVE, the concrete parking lot pictured above is beyond repair. The surface has eroded so badly that concrete resurfacing or an overlay is not a real option. The best option for concrete like this is to tear out the existing concrete and rebase and pour again.

The Process for Concrete Resurfacing

Clicking on the image to the left will take you to Denver Concrete Inc's blog where we explain the entire process of concrete resurfacing. This process is also sometimes referred to as a concrete overlay.

A concrete overlay can also be a traditional concrete overlay of anywhere from .5" to 2" or more in some cases. The problem with most traditional concrete as an overlay is that over time it separates from the existing concrete that it was poured on top of and it will crack and erode from the surface of the existing concrete.

Today's overlay systems are flexible and can adjust with the underlying concrete. In addition to their flexibility, today's concrete overlays adhere to the surface of the existing concrete sometimes better than the original surface of the already existing concrete pad.

Denver Concrete Inc is proud to use WestCoat's Broom on Overlay System for a majority of the concrete resurfacing projects that we complete.