Delia Messing has truly been a Godsend to me. Delia has such a sweet and loving presence, every cell in my body opened to her scanning abilities. She discovered years of sludge buildup in my gastrointestinal tract to a level I did not realize existed. As Delia worked on me over several weeks, filling every cell in my body with White Light, I became physically and spiritually lighter. Delia’s sharing of her visualizations are right on the mark. Delia Messing has the ability to work in etheric realms that I have rarely seen during my forty years as a healer. If you have found Delia on your path, I recommend her highly. C.K, RN, BSN

Delia is a kind and compassionate person as well as a healer with tremendous insight. Her abilities have shone a light on my path, and I am very grateful for her help and advice. -- S.T.

I could feel a release of the pain/ discomfort of my right knee since the TKR 8 years ago. For the past three months of having different emotions and feelings affecting me mentally, physically and spiritually, today I can feel peace,harmony and balance again! I also experience many aha moments ...6 or 7. I was most pleased and would highly recommend Delia Messing. - K.E.

Your healing and connecting was a profound experience. Everything you connected to correlated to my physical body along with energetic and spiritually. Physically my body was calmed. Wrapped in this warm blanket. My mind settled like it hasn't before. An eye opening, mind blowing experience that everyone needs to experience. There are no words to describe the experience in its entirety. Delia you phenomenal! Just WOW! - D.R.