About Delia

As a young child, Delia could see beyond the veil. It wasn't always pretty, as a matter of fact, a lot of it was scary. But she slowly learned to regulate what came in and what didn't. Her curiosity blossomed in middle school with geosciences thanks to a wonderful teacher, where she tuned into her science mind. She became enchanted by energy, wavelengths, molecules, anything you can think of when it came to the science side of our world. She could see the clear connection between the science and the magic. Quantum mechanics, geology, marine biology and oceanography books lined the bookshelves at home, as her mother made sure she would get her at least one book whenever they made a trip to the bookstore.

As she grew older, she began to take courses with Jackie Eaton of Angelights in Rhode Island, as well as study marine biology and geology in college. She got her Reiki Master Teacher certification, and then Magnified Healing® First Level. She decided it was time to expand and get more certifications, so she took Jackie's Angelight Messenger course, and excelling at connecting with people at levels they wouldn't expect. Unbeknownst to her, she was connecting with people on the seventh plane, seeing aspects of themselves they had forgotten about.

In 2017, Delia got the opportunity to sign up for Christine Alexandria's Angel Chatter Authorization course. She was able to connect everything she had learned before with what she was doing now. The course opened up her abilities even more, and even gave her wings. She was authorized in 2019. She now confidently blends her knowledge of science and magic, giving clients unique readings based on their higher selves, and providing intense healing given by herself and the angels and masters.

When Delia isn't in the seventh plane, she is a proud military wife to a member of the USCG, lives with a ball python named Casper, a betta fish named Rocky and two crested geckos named Chernobyl and Victor. In her spare time, she continues to study, whether it is the sciences, the books from her friend Hazel Raven, or a foreign language. She loves editing, copywriting, marketing and web development for clients as well. Delia is currently patiently waiting for her reunion with her heart and soul dog, Albi, in the physical again.


· Reiki Master Teacher

· Magnified Healing®, Level 1

· Angelight Messenger

· Crystal Grid Master

· Master Crystal Healer

· Mediumship, from Angelights

· Past Life Guide, from Angelights

· Angel Chatter© Authorized Intuitive

· Animal Communication with Claire Bloomfield