Delia Messing

RM/T, ACI, M/T in Magnified Healing and AngelLight Messenger

Connecting to the other side since childhood, Delia has always made it a point to use her gifts to help others. The journey to get to get here has not been easy, but with her sunny disposition, she has used the bumpy road to remind her she is where she needs to be. Delia is able to communicate with the ethereal realms to bring forward healing and beautiful messages. After having worked with Jackie Eaton at Angelights, becoming an Angelight Messenger, Reiki Master Teacher and certified in First level Magnified Healing under her, as well as Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter (Angel Chatter Authorized), and Hazel Raven, she combines everything she knows and works hard to bring forward only the best for her client. She helps you do some of the work on healing yourself, while she facilitates alongside using Magnified Healing, reiki, crystals and much more.

When she connects with you in the seventh plane, she makes sure to get as many aspects of yourself in healing as possible, which can be seen in the write up she sends you afterwards. Part of the Signature Healing & Reading package includes something unique to Delia - Crystal Rx©. This will tell you what crystal(s) are calling to helping you, as well as any messages they may have for you.

With her empathy, compassion and wisdom, Delia can be the catalyst to your life, pushing you forward towards a more beautiful world. So... are you ready?

You can read more about her journey and gifts in her collaboration with Peggy Lee Hanson, Dr. Patty Barber, Kathleen Hendrickson, Dr. Teri Wiedeman-Rouse and Cathy M. Kamsler.

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