Meet our Sponsors

DeKalb FLAG is thankful to receive donations from Individuals and Corporate sponsors.

As DeKalb Fostering Love and Grace, Inc. begins this journey, we are thankful for any type of participation to support our Parents as we support our Foster Children. We believe this new journey is just the beginning of many wonderful opportunities which will enhance the life or our Children who so desperately need this community backing them. The connection of hope that we create together, impacts these children's lives.

Let's be their village, because it takes a village to raise a child.

Our Volunteers

Can I just say.... Where would we be without our Monthly volunteers who watch our kids while we receive training?

Training is required for all Foster Parents to maintain our license. Thank you volunteers who watch approximately 30 children while approx 30 parents receive vital information to help our children.

Individual Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Our very first Individual sponsor was Mary Hoyt.

With investing time and money into DeKalb FLAG, she established and configured a Mailchimp account so that we could begin to send out training notifications to all our Foster Parents. She also invested in the logo creation process which led us to the logo we have today. She has a heart for helping others and she invests in cutting edge organizations which impact her community. Mary is a political and humanitarian activist creating opportunities for the community to facilitate hospitality, engagement, and positively impacting change.

Recently you may have seen some of her work on CNN. We are very thankful for individuals like our friend Mary Hoyt who steps into assist where there is a need.

Darlene Twitchell of Bendt Design, LLC created our Logo.

While working with Mary Hoyt to discuss the heart of the logo design we played around with how the heart and flag could correlate.

When communicating this to Darlene Twitchell, I shared with her how the Foster Parents are the flag bearers, and it is our job to raise the flag and keep it flying to support these children in the very best way we possibly can. Wanting to implement the representation of the county and the heart we have for children, this is the vision Darlene Twitchell implemented. She hit the mark and it represents exactly what this Association represents. What a visionary!

Check it out, the image in the middle of the flag may look like the state of Georgia, but notice that it is the county of DeKalb.

Check out Bendt Design's Facebook Page