Teen Resources

Teen To Do List

  • Know Your Rights - http://garyse-ilp.org/news/garyseevents
  • Make the Phone Call
    • Monthly Conference Call: Region 14 (Fulton and Dekalb)
      • Who: Participation is open to all Children 14 and Older in foster Care. You are the Blueprint.
      • What: Come be a part of the change… We want to hear from you. Your voice is important. Come participate in the monthly calls where we address your concerns and share information that is important to youth in foster care in Region14.
      • When: Every 4th Thursday of the month between 5-6PM
      • Where: Call toll free 1-888-808-6929 - Access code: 7712278#
      • Why: Because we need to hear from you and you need to hear from us.
    • Check out Summer Camp Options and other Events - http://garyse-ilp.org/news/garyseevents
    • Get a job? - read the section at the bottom of the page

Terms and Definitions

  • ACF: Administration for Children and Families
  • CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocate
  • CFCIP: John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
  • ETV: Education Training Vouchers
  • IDA: Individual Development Account
  • ILP: Independent Living Program Independent Living Program
  • GA/RYSE: Georgia Resilient. Youth-Centered. Stable. Empowered.
  • NYTD: National Youth in Transition Database

Parent's To Do List

  • GA/RYSE; Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services Independent Living Program Independent Living Program. Their Mission is to provide eligible youth with opportunities to successfully prepare for adulthood through appropriate referral resources and connections provided by community partners. Things provided to the teen.
    • For more information:
    • Services Provided Upon Application
      • Housing Support
      • Health Insurance
      • Education Assistance
      • Match Savings/IDA: Open a Saving account and the government will give money. Click to learn more.
      • Emergency Assistance: Emergency Housing, Food Assistance, Marta Cards, medical, state identification, utility expenses and deposits.
      • Credit Report Assistance
      • Life Skills Training
  • Youth M.O.V.E. Georgia - by Georgia Parent Support Network, Inc.

Got Jobs? Need Work? Youth Looking for Employment?

Website: juma.org

Where to apply? Complete this online application . But first, read more to make sure this is the right fit.

What Juma Offers: Juma Ventures offers youth a great opportunity to work and make college and career dreams a reality. We offer stable employment opportunities, the chance to build workplace skills, save money for college, get connected to a network of support, and develop a plan for attaining a college degree.

Juma Provides:

•Part-time employment at one of our concession businesses in a major sporting venue

•Job skills training

•Individual Development Account for college savings

•Financial guidance

•Funds to match your college savings

•College and career tours

•College application and financial aid help

•One-on-one mentorship

•Tutoring and SAT preparation

•Support through college completion

Who Can Apply

•Out of work and out of school, between 16-24 years old

•A U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, have an employment authorization card or DACA status

Ready To Create a Resume?

Click here to download an example

nsoroWorks ready to go to work Program

What is nsoroWorks?

A page on our website that gives potential employers access to your resume. Our donor base and corporate partners will be directed to the Hire an nsoro Scholar page of our website where your resume will be posted by discipline. Recruiters & employer prospects will be able to contact you directly to discuss employment opportunities! nsoro wants to support your employment search!

Are you ready?

Whether you are looking for full time, part time or internship opportunities - EMAIL YOUR RESUME to Monica Pantoja @ mpantoja@nsoro.foundation

Got Social Media?

Does your social media profile accurately reflect the remarkable person you are? Remember, potential employers regularly check social media as part of the interview process. Although your settings may be private, rest assured they are not private to those conducting a social media scrub before extending a job offer. Read this link Social Media Do's & Dont's.

Make sure your social media presence is worthy of you and your accomplishments. We are excited about what will come from this employment initiative and look forward to helping you with the next chapter of your life.

Help by sharing more resources, Email dekalbflag@gmail.com