"I have never experienced such efficiency, such power as in Freeman's easy-to-use techniques. Anybody can learn it, anybody can use it. A 5-year-old can take a grown man down - you don't need huge muscles, just the technique. I've never seen anything like it!" - Anonymous

"I'm not a big person. I'm a tiny woman of 105 lbs and I was able to make the technique work when I needed it. It literally saved my life..." - Anonymous

"You can't go into this training thinking you know how to take care of yourself. I threw punch after punch and I couldn't hit my partner. I mean, I was really going at this kid and I absolutely couldn't touch him." - Anonymous

"I was skeptical going in, but before I left I knew this was something I wanted my daughters to know. They're both college age, and it became obvious that even they could use Elliot's techniques to defend themselves. Every single young woman in the nation should be taught these methods. Without question." - Anonymous

"It's not like Tae Kwon Do, where you have to be flexible and athletic and strong. It's the simplest, most common sense thing, there's just no comparison to how easily and immediately effective this stuff is! It's now standard training for every nurse in my ER. " - Anonymous