Most defensive tactics training (domestically and internationally) is taught using static methods. This type of static training has proven to be extremely dangerous because it does not prepare officers for realistic scenarios. When this unrealistic training fails, our officers can only fall back on desperate and overly-violent uses of force. DTT's unique training system is taught with the concept that techniques should be realistic and dynamically-practiced to allow officers an approximation of reality. Furthermore, our deflection and immobilization systems are designed to neutralize aggression within the span of a heartbeat.

DTT is practiced realistically - with full power (first slowly, and eventually building to real-time speeds), so the techniques teach realistic mind-and-body behaviors for realistic scenarios. It is said that "one acts as one trains". When it comes to Defensive Tactics, this is particularly true. If a student trains at half speed or half power, that student will react with half speed or half power when a true attacker confronts them. If they train statically, the student will be stumped by a moving attacker.