Because DTT has very few moving parts and techniques (all of which are related for simplicity), it can be taught effectively in a relatively short period of time. Along with the state-of-the-art Scenario Assessment and Verbal De-escalation Program, (designed by world renowned criminologist , Dr. David Camp), DTT trains our students to handle any single or multiple attack confrontation without any injury to either side of the conflict. Because DTT's skills are all related and few in number , this uncomplicated system can be learned by anyone in a relativly short period of time. DTT's has been written up in Counter Terrorism Magazine as the only effective Defensive Tactic training to date that is completely designed to be video taped for the publics scrutiny and still be highly effective and safe for our officers (and detainees). Thanks to the simplicity of the movements, trainees will be able to perform DTT's unique skills, regardless of their gender, size or strength.