Please download and familarise yourself with the 2018 Debating Handbook.

Read through the 2017 Middle and Senior School powerpoints below. These will be used during the Introductory Workshop at Casuarina Senior College on Tuesday 27th of February from 4.00pm til 5:30pm.

2017 Introduction Workshop - New Debaters and Middle School.pptx
2017 Introductory Workshop - Senior School.pptx

Senior School powerpoint here. Middle School powerpoint here.

Debating Guides: The Australia-Asia Debating Guide is a comprehensive and essential resource for all debaters, teachers, coaches and adjudicators. The NTDU Debating Handbook is an invaluable guide that outlines the rules, scoring, structure and adjudication of debating in the NT.

Powerpoint guide: junior guide and senior guide from the 2015 Darwin Workshops.

Speaker Duties: Each speaking position has specific duties that must be fulfilled.

Point Structure: Substantive points need to have a clear and persuasive structure. Use the SCARES planner to help write your arguments. See this example to assist you to establish context and give evidence.

Points of Information: A POI should be less than 15 seconds and can be a question or statement that is pertinent to the content of the current speech. Click here for more detailed information from the QDU.

Topics: Practise topic selection with these Senior topics. Remember to learn the three types of topics by looking at the example Middle and Senior topics here.

Rebuttal: Consider the many different ways to rebutt an argument by viewing this rebuttal powerpoint. Use this sample rebuttal guide to assist you in creating your rebuttal.

Research links: IDEA Debatabase for Senior debate research. Debatewise is a useful starting point, but it has limited depth. Public broadcaster and independent media organisations are also valuable resources e.g. BBC, Guardian, Q&A etc.

Activities: Teachers, Debating Tennis is an excellent classroom activity. Find out more here. A quiz with further research is a great way to build general knowledge, which debaters can draw on short preparation debates.

Videos: Search youtube for debates videos. Key terms: australs, WSDC, NSDC, Monash Association of Debaters.

Debate topics with definitions and arguments for and against.

75 debate topics with arguments for and again here.


Affiliates: The NTDU is a very small debating organisation. Other state and territory affiliates have a wealth of resources available on their respective sites:

  • QDU Queensland Debating Union
  • NSWDU New South Wales Debating Union
  • ACTDU Australian Capital Territory Debating Union
  • SADA South Australian Debating Association
  • DAV Debating Association of Victoria
  • WADL Western Australian Debating League
  • TDU Tasmainia Debating Union
  • ADF Australian Debating Federation